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April 29, 2006



What a touching story! TFS!


beth, as soon as i saw your blog, i knew i had to blogline it because i had a feeling you'd be telling stories that got my tearducts working...and i was right.

Leah LaMontagne

You sound like such an awesome teacher, I am glad God has placed you where you are!!!!!

Carolyn McAfee

Very cool photo. That time does flash by and 'blur' so quickly.

Very cool that two people were put in place for a 'moment' together where both of you could teach the other.

I hope she takes your advice.

Love ya girl!


Bless you for being soft, kind, and accepting of her! Bless her for opening up and feeling safe with you. You just never know what makes a person "tick" like they beautiful that she could be real with you!

Gabriella Biancofiore

This is exactly why I would NEVER want to be a teenager again (and I didn't even have that bad a time as a teen). Whoever said those years are the best of one's life was smokin' some serious crack.


Are those *scrapbook pages* on the walls of your school?!

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