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May 16, 2006


Gabriella Biancofiore

I'm not a big fan of the fanny pack, however, my mom has been known to sport one. Her reasons though are valid ones: a few years ago she was mugged and attacked for her purse. She struggled with her assailant and was thrown to the ground all b/c of the contents of her purse. Since then, she's worn her unattractive fanny pack around her waist, beneath her coat so that 1. her hands are free to defend herself and 2. so it looks as if she doesn't have a purse at all. Is it attractive?--heck NO, but it does make her feel safer, so what can I say? :)

Leah LaMontagne

I'm just relieved that you don't know that guy. I thought it was like your brother of something. Phew. :)


You're too funny Susan! I'm with Leah, I thought this was one of your students posing with his fanny pack. When I think of fanny packs I think of Cedar Point because everyone and their brother is sporting a fanny pack at Cedar Point for some reason.


You are too funny! Are you and Susan just getting random crap off of Google Image and blogging about it? More, please!


OMG we call them Bum Bags over here in NZ and they are the same....HIDEOUS!

This post just had me rolling around on the floor

that guy look far too happy with that very afraid!

thanks for the laughs!


hee hee....:) :)


Hey... miss you!
So funny!
I must add to my 'list' of things not to forget..."those are my thoughts"!!! I already added, "fade to black"!

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