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June 20, 2006



I had to go to Meijer last night to do my grocery shopping. At like 10:30 at night.

I loooove Meijer.


love your happy blog! :)
LOVE Meijer's produce section! Ed and I have been known to shop Meijer after midnight-I bought my favorite pot at Meijer after midnight one night! :)

Carolyn McAfee

K - never been there! You so need to take me next time we are together!

Still putting together my list of fav's for you! So sorry! I have so much to do right now! I only have three more to go! Of course I have to summarize why I love each of them!

Talk to you soon!

Gabriella Biancofiore

AH HA! So, it WAS okay for me to mistakenly call is Meijer's when I first referred to it--LOOK at that photo! Anyway, I love Meijer (or Meijer's, if you prefer). We finally have one here but it's too far to go to on a regular basis. So sad... :)

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