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April 11, 2007



S u w e e t dress! How about posting a picture of you in your polka dot dress? Enough talk about it - we want to see you in it!!! :)

Your nephews are cuties - no matter what the hair do.

Got room in a suitcase for a stowaway when you go to Utah? :)


Nothing like "asking and ye shall receive"! :)

LOVE the dress!
the colors
the style
very, very mod and CUTE!!!!

Carolyn McAfee

Love that dress!
You are looking so fabulous!
Hooray for getting pubb'd even more!
You both are great!
I'm excited for your UT trip! Should be great fun!

gabriella biancofiore

LOVE that dress and the boys' ties and stylish hair. I love little guys dressed like big ones.

Things that make me happy today:
1. That is snowed terribly today and I did NOT have to leave my house for anything.
2. That Emma grabbed my face and said, "You know what, Mommy?" and then proceeded to babble something about milk and giggle. She's never said that (the you know what part).
3. That LOST is on tonight AND Medium.
4. That I didn't have to make dinner.
5. For funny mystery novels (*Killer Blonde* by Laura Levine).
6. That my adorable chunky nephew will be baptized this Sunday.
7. That my little Emma will be featured in some of those awesome LO's that were picked up by CK! Yay!
8. That Mike is actually determined to help me clean the basement (only b/c his friends are coming over, but I'll take what I can get).
9. That I've begun this IVF roller-coaster again (haven't had a chance to tell you guys) and the ball seems to be rolling along quite nicely, thus far.
10. And as always, for pop. :) ("Pop" as is soda not daddy.) ;p


1. I am happy today that Susan is happy and is my delightful daughter.
2. I am happy that the Tigers beat the Orioles tonight in the 12th inning on a grand slam homerun.
3. It was a miserable day outside, but like Gabriella, I could stay indoors all day.
4. It is Spring Break for your Dad and we are having a fun week - doing nothing.
5. The Detroit Pistons also won.
6. Haley is going home from American Idol.
7. I will see you two on Saturday.
8. I wrote Aunt Lois a long letter to go along with her birthdy card we sent her today.
9. We have a sweet birthday gift for you that will be a total surprise.
10. God is so good to me and I am thankful to be feeling very energetic these days after many months of feeling below par. Love you guys. xxxooomom


Okay, so I'll post again. (x3 aren't you lucky? hee-hee)

Things that make me happy today.

1. Dave became a member of the Honor Society at his high school
2. Dan got 100% on a bear of an assignment in his hardest college course
3. Finally feeling fully trained at my new accounting job.
4. My kitchen is back to normal after Easter Sunday lunch here.
5. I gave away all my left over chocolate to my son's friend.
6. I paid off an IOU to my hubby.
Now my extra cash is MINE! :)
7. My den is done and looking cute
8. My husband's sugar levels are staying level
9. I went through every piece of paper in my scraproom and purged the old stuff.
10.Sonic RT44 size diet coke with extra ice.

Sue Fields

1. It's Thursday, payday at work :)

2. I finally found a storage system for my 12x12 albums and I LOVE it!

3. NO snow today...YAY!

4. My grandkids come running to greet me with open arms and "Grandma, do you have gum?".

5. We have a computer that works after our hard drive crashed this weekend!

You nephews are growing!!! and still cute :) Love the dress and the colors - hottie :) congrats on the pubs and enjoy your trip!!!


1. I went to the dentist yesterday and now my teeth feel SOOO clean.

2. My parents are coming to visit next week.

3. We get to go to IKEA on Saturday to buy furniture.

4. I made a really good dinner last night, and there are plenty of leftovers for lunch today.

5. Easter candy is on clearance now!


love the layout (tough guy)!! and way cool scenery... have always wanted to get the old convertable and drive through those winding highways a la thelma & louise :) BUT most of all...congrats on the layout pick-up! how amazing is that?? good for you!

things that make me happy today...
1. have the house to myself
2. going to the gym in about 10 minutes
3. lasagna is already made for dinner tonight
4. have two new writing assignments
5. just joined and am having far too much fun with it
6. starting to have happy thoughts of travelling to peru (where did that come from...? a miracle might be in the works considering i have no travel cash at the mo!)
7. plan to work on a SOY layout today
8. it's SUNNY!
9. vancouver beat dallas in quadruple overtime last night.
10. life is beautiful.

Lisa Merriman

Thanks for making me think of the happy things... Let's see...

1. I get to play volleyball tonight. I am no good at it, but I love it.

2. I get to see my family tomorrow at my cousin's wedding. We are staying in a hotel which means swimming pool (and hopefully a hot tub)! yeah!

3. I absolutely love my church. I look forward to going every week and really thank God He brought me to it.

4. I graduate with my Masters in June and I CAN'T WAIT!

I am sure there's more... but class is about to start. lol

Andrea D

Awe - I love happy posts :) The sun is shining as I look out the window... reading your glowing post. Love having good friends to share with.


The sun came up today. That was about the only good thing.

You, however, look fabulous and I'm jealous of your trip to Utah! I love Utah!


Susan, you are beautiful!!! You look so radiant in your sassy little dress! Congrats on the pubs girls, so well deserved. You know I will be buying this idea book :) And Amen to the happy things in life. We are all truly blessed!!!

Diane DiTullio

You look beautiful Susan! Love that dress! I agree with Andrea. So nice to see and think about happy posts!

Things that make me happy:
1. My family seems to have gotten rid of the sickness that has been passed around for the last month.
2. The sun was out yesterday even though it was still a little cold!
3. I went out with girlfriends for dinner on Friday
4. I got my hair done this weekend
5. Other women that like a drama free zone
6. Practicing taking photos with the latest len for my camera
7. Playing the piano
8. Finding out that the latest goodies just hit the LSS
9. When the UPS man brings a package
10. When friends feel wonderful and get compliments on their new pink dresses! :)

Kay kay

you look beautiful!
Things that make me happy:
1. My house sold finally!
2. Erin made the Tumble-X Cheer squad this week
3. The mini marathon is almost here and almost over! yeah!
4. I have tons of friends that I am so grateful for!
5. John Mayer tickets
6. Promoted to Star Leader for Silpada Designs - invited to leadership conference in Florida and won 2 awards!
7. The sun is shining
8. A full schedule of parties
9. Neighbors that really care that I am moving
10. Family!


Hmmm...what does the teacher think about Sir Ken Robinson's discussion at the TED conferences on the subject of creativity in the educational system? I posted the video on my blog
An interesting discussion.
Melissa S.


What cutie pies!

Such a cute dress!

That is so freakin' cool! Trying to crack into CK is like trying to crack into Fort Knox. The two of you have done it too many times to count.:) Congrats!!!

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