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August 28, 2007




Such an honest entry. I have no doubt that you will find that happily ever after. Pretty soon a man will see what all of your friends have known all along!

P.S. How cute are you in that wedding dress?


I know this comes straight from your heart. During our recent conversations, I am not much help in giving any motherly advice. Your father was my first real boyfriend and there was never any question. He pursued me and other encouraged us, and it was like magic...we fit like hand and glove. As we enter our 50th year together, I never want to live a day with out him. I thank God every day for the wonderful man He has given me and I pray for the same for my children. "In the wee hours of the morning" it is a gift to have someone who "gets" you, who understands you, and takes care of you. I am sure you speak for lots of wonderful women out there whose hair hurts and are asking "Where is HE?". xxxooomom

ady abreu

I love your post today. It is extremely heart felt. I'm sure you will find someone amazing and have the happily ever after. Don't give up on EHarmony. My BFF met her husband on and I ended up with his BFF. Pretty funny story...I totally understand how you feel because I went through the same thing after my divorce. Yes, I was married with him but I still felt alone. Keep your chin up.


I agree with what all these fine ladies have said. My only advice is that love comes when you're least expecting it. I've found that to be true so many times for so many people, and including myself. I had no idea that while I was dating "mr. wrong", "mr. the-one" came into my life. Fortunately I had enough common sense after a while to see things clearly. Keep an open heart and an open mind! Praying helps too, along with a good haircut. :-)

By the way, I think I love your mom!

Rachel Thomae

Beth, your post struck a chord with me because my hair has been hurting for the last four years! *teasing smile* I'm glad you're meeting some good men via eharmony. Online dating can be really hard, but you never know--all that small talk has to be leading somewhere, right?

Your mom's comments are really sweet. How wonderful that she's willing to share her thoughts with all of us via your blog.



Nothing is wrong with the dream of a white dress, party, etc. I've been where you are and the best part is that you are, as I was, happy being single. So when you do find that person, your relationship will be SO much richer for it and you will never take eachother for granted. Keep the faith and your eyes open. Love you!


such a great entry. I don't remember which show it was (the reality one where they got counseling and make overs from folks like Ivanka to get on with life after a major relationship) but they would "repurpose" wedding dresses into get ups for the first date these chics went on. I was always like "uhhhmmm...bad karma". At least in your case it is a dress of what is to come as opposed to what was (smile). Your knight will come...I didn't do e-Harm, but match worked pretty well. Just a word to the wise, never settle. Tired and hair hurting as you get, don't wake up one day thinking "any guy" will do because then you'll be repurposing your wedding dress with Ivanka (smile). Good luck!


I loved your heart felt post today. I totally understand where you are coming from. I never thought at this stage in my life I would still be single. Looking back I am thankful that I didn't feel the need to settle for "best of the bunch" All I wish is when it's my time I'm not burried in my scrapbook supplies!
I loved the story of the couple in church but what really amazed me is I haven't seen a communion rail since 1974 let along one being used!


WOW! Amazing post.. you've put in words that I try to but can't! I know what you mean about being ready for THE GUY! So am I!


Cute dress, Beth! And it's much nicer than anything that was featured on the LAST post...

Jan Connair

I want you to have what your mom has!!! And I don't think it's impossible. In fact, I think there is someone out there for everyone. I always thought I would be the single older woman living alone in an apartment with 32 cats. Seriously. Because I had no ability to flirt or make small talk when I was in high school. But somehow in college I went on a date with a guy who was sooooo easy to talk to that we sat up until 2 a.m. in my mom and dad's living room, almost unable to stop chatting. We've been married almost 24 years now, and I feel the same way your mom does. It's wonderful, and I want everyone to have what I am lucky and blessed enough to have!

Have you ever read the Mitford books by Jan Karon? There is a character in those books who is Fr. Tim's housekeeper. She feels the same way you are feeling. So Father Tim prays for God to "start the parade" of good men coming her way. And before she knows it, she's met her true love and is planning her future with him. So I think I'll pray for the parade to start for you!

Tina Albertson

Beth, I just want to hug you!!! I hope Mr. Right finds you....SOON!!! xoxoxo

gabriella biancofiore

This post demonstrates just one of the many reasons why I love you and am so happy to be your friend. You're honest. BRAVELY honest sometimes. Like I said on Sunday (before we were so rudely interrupted by Mike--are you sure you want to find THE ONE b/c THE ONE sometimes stands for THE ONE WHO DRIVES ME NUTS), I'm glad you're not settling. You're making a real effort to try to get to know some of these matches, you're being yourself, and you're acknowledging that it's just not clicking. Whether you decide to give a match another chance or not, I hope you'll be fair to YOURSELF.

Andrea Deer

You have such a passionate way of expressing yourself... I see a scrapbook page coming from this :) Happily ever after can come without a man, too, can't it?! *HUGS* to you

Lisa Merriman

Not having been on the dating scene for very long myself, I can still totally get what you are saying. Actually, I really LOVE being single. If you knew what I had lived with for the last ten years of my life, then you would understand what an understatement that is. That being said, like you, I still am hopeful for THE man. The one that cherishes me, can't wait to get home to be with me, thinks of unique and exciting ways to show me his love. The one that makes me feel like a princess. Yes, I love being independent and spending my money how I want (actually, I am just thankful that I now have money)... but there is something to be said for being queen for a day (or a lifetime).

Oh... and those "wee hours of the morning" go much quicker when there's a body to keep you warm (among other things). ;)


Ah, cute and fabulous Beth.
I too wish for every person to have what I have, and like Gab implied, it's not always perfect, but it's always dependable and that gives me strength and happiness.
Choose your love and love your choice.
I think there are many people out there for us to love, if we can risk and commit and be willing to take all of the bumps that will come along the way, being sure to LOVE the other before ourselves.
I'm sure you will not sell yourself short... that isn't you. I do hope that you give fair chance to those men, who aren't the same as you, because they might just be a great COMPLIMENT to you.
I just love you!

Sue Fields

awww, Beth....the right one will come along when you least expect it!! I know there is "your perfect match" out there somewhere, just continue to be patient. We don't always understand God's timing but it is perfect. Keep smiling, you never know whose eye that sparkling expression might catch :)


I teared up when I read the "what I want" part. So true so true. Every woman deserves to be cherished - don't settle for anything less. :)

Jody Ferlaak

I loved this post too...and hope to encourage you to not change who YOU are...or where your HEART is. It has a lot to do with trustng God and believing that HE knows what's best for us. I would think He would rather have you single and be the ONLY "man" in your life, than to have you meet and marry the 'wrong guy' for the sake of being married. I am still trying to figure out the 'whys' and 'how comes' and the 'whats' of life...but have no doubt that God has a rhyme and a reason. ANd I continue to trust His ways are best- even when they don't feel like it or align with my hopes and dreams.
If it's HIS plan for day your Prince will come. =) I can assure of that. Keep trusting...keep believing. I can't help but think He has it all figured out already. I am happy you are living with contentment...and hope you do so- no matter if the 'right one' comes along or not. You are a blessing to many!

Tracey Wilder

"To everything there is a purpose, and a time for every season under Heaven."

I don't get His plan most of the time, either, like Jody said, but there's always a reason. Always. Believe He's doing what's best for you. Your future...and your biggest dreams...are very dear to His heart. He loves you more than anyone - even more than any Mr. Right would! Keep the faith, my friend!

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