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August 21, 2007


Anna Molina-Wilkinson



Ok I am seriously cracking up....I totally agree with you on those ads!

Tina Albertson

LOL!!! I *so* know that first ad and always wondered who DID buy those!!


LOL! Love it - think I'll place my order right away!

Janet D

What? You don't find the loungers a hot fashion find??? I personally ordered the Scarlet Floral!!!! LOL! Too funny Susan!!! Great post!



Lisa Merriman

I literally laughed out loud - and I here ya, girl! My grandma buys me not only the "teacher" clothes, but also wall decorations, pins, placemats, just about anything you can think of.... needless to say, about 30 minutes after she leaves, I donate the items to whatever charity will actually take them. lol. Oh, I've tried telling here they aren't my style, my thing, but she assumes...teacher = loves apples, counting, and singing the ABCs.

becca h.

LOL, thanks for the laugh today!


You don't wear "house dresses" or appliqued teacher dresses? What's wrong with you? Unfortunately some of my former elementary co-workers shopped those fliers big time. BIG TIME!

Becky (RebekahBoo)

I never understood that either. Do they think that a small, young, nice looking woman will buy that lounger simply because the woman in the ad makes it look like ALL the young women are wearing it??? I think not!! LOL I'm right there with ya girl.


I personally laugh my butt off any time I see those hideous clothes in the coupon section. Along with the tacky figurines and the fake hearing aids. I always like the wrinkle-free, elastic waist polyester slacks. You know if you're buying 'slacks,' that's your first problem! And the choice of models is baffling... like anyone under the age of 80 would WILLINGLY wear one of those things? But my favorite part is the upper left hand corner: "Save $38!" Like, we know you would have bought these lilttle beauties at ANY price, but we're offering you a great deal!

And don't forget, it's "waltz length." Prediction: you're going to see a lot of girls wearing these to prom.


I love the ads for the massive cross-over bras. It's sad to say, but if my mother were still teaching, I could see her wearing at least one of those jumper things. Perhaps it's a good thing she doesn't teach anymore! :)

gabriella biancofiore

So, at first, I started laughing at that first ad for the house dress...then the laughter stopped. Why? B/c in a few months, that may be all I'll fit into. Hmmm. Maybe you should hold on to that coupon for me, huh? :) Also, that Kirk Bear---Beth's birthday's coming up--wouldn't that be an "interesting" birthday surprise? ;)


LOL. I crack up reading those sections of the coupons. You never know what kind of goodies you are going to find in there! NOT! :)


We have several of the Celtic Women CD's...the close harmony is beautiful! We put one in the van CD player when we were driving through an ice storm out to Rich and Amy's last January and it helped to relax the nerves a bit!


Paul Opel

Crap! I guess I'll have to see if I can get a refund on those birthday presents I just bought you girls ...


I'm mad at y'all right now. Really mad. Why y'all got to joke what I wear? What's wrong with my mu-mu's and frump outfits? :D

Okay, I guess I don't wear stuff like that. But it sure is funny seeing it! t


I suppose I could make an effort to defend these "house dresses". I notice to go up to size 5X, so I am thinking they would work well for a disabled or obese person who has to have something that is easy to wear. However the cute teacher clothes are just too 80's anymore. Celtic Women, I love that kind of music....xxxooomom


They go to 5X for a reason, you know......

Jan Connair

ROFL! I almost did the same post earlier in the week when I received a catalog for "fabulous home dec items you can't live without." It was tempting, but somehow I managed to throw away the catalog before I placed a thousand-dollar order . . .


I could use a moo-moo as we like to call them!
Very funny!
I love the pretty dresses the celtic ladies are wearing! Pretty!


Hey guys! How are you doing? How is it going over at the high school? I am doing great and can't wait to see you again. :) Also, did you hear that Celtic Women are coming to our town? I am excited and can't wait to go! :) See you soon!

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