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September 03, 2007



Why were you in a cardboard box? Your parents couldn't afford a crib? LOL!

Happy Birthday to one of the prettiest girls in high school!


Happy Birthday, my cyber friend!


Happy, happy birthday! Sept. 3 must be a good day, 'cause two of my favorite people were born that day. :) I hope you have a great day.

Jody Ferlaak

Happy birthday, Beth! Have fun celebrating YOU...and your day off from school too. =)


Happy birthday to you B! I am so jealous of you (and my husband) getting a NATIONAL HOLIDAY for your birthday! So unfair!

you were a cute baby.

Linda Beeson

Heyy -how perfect - a day off just for YOU!!!! ENJOY!


Happy Birthday, Beth!! :) Have a fun day and enjoy your gifts!

Tracey Wilder

Happy B-day, Beth! Hope it's all you hoped it would be! :)

Jan Connair

Hey girl--happy birthday. Isn't it great of everyone in the U.S. to close up and spend the day celebrating your birthday?!! I was born on Labor Day (this year my b'day is on Friday), and in my hometown they have a huge Labor Day parade. Of course, I always assumed it was just for me! Hope you've had a great day and didn't skimp on the cake and ice cream!


Well, you just can't beat getting the day off for your birthday. That is just down-right cool!
I'm sure you have some lovely gifts awaiting you!
I love your guts!!!!!
I think you are fabulous!


Happy Birthday Beth! Hope you had a great day!

Andrea Deer

You haven't changed a bit! Happy birthday, my friend!


Love those pics!!

Happy Birthday to your sis!


Happy Birthday! My birthday is the 5th and I was born on Labor Day the year I was born. Blessings,
Melissa S.

Sue Fields

Happy birthday....hope it was special :)


Beth, Did you realize that you are two-thirds of the age I will be on my birthday next Monday? I bet you didn't even think of that fun fact. Much love each and every day.



Sorry, this is for Susan!
I have been trying to send an email, but I don't know why they won't go out. I was trying to tell you about my pub. Did you see 'evolution'?
Did 'sweet 16' get picked up!?
Thanks for telling me about that opportunity!

Heather Keller

Hey Susan! Thanks for stopping in! I can't wait to dive into the scrapfaith blog, and learn more about myself and my faith and values.... and Happy Birthday to Beth!

Anna M-W

Happy belated Birthday!

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