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September 22, 2007


Janet D

Hi Girls! I am so sorry about the loss of Ryan. Very sad. I hope his family will be ok.

Norma Kennedy

Luv your banner ! and those makover do's are adorable !!!

I am so sorry for your loss. It is always sad to lose a hero !!!!

Norma (localocairis)

Amy Nabors

love your new banner!! but so sorry to hear about the loss of your former student.

Andrea Deer

I love your new header! Great photo :) And how fun is that celebrity hair... I'll have to try that. On the flip side - sorry to hear of the loss of Ryan. Would be so hard to lose a son at such a young age. *HUGS* to you.


Oh, you're so right... the shorter styles do look better on you... but #1 is really cute!

Sue Fields

I wondered if you knew that young tragic and I feel such sorrow for his family! What a wonderful tribute!

The new banner looks great and I like most of the "dos" on you Beth. Sounds like a cool site!

Kelly C.

Really like the new header on the blog!

Your young friend sounds like a true hero, what a loss.

I like number 4 hairdo on you the best!

gabriella biancofiore

How awful. (The soldier, not your hair.)
I can't imagine how his family must be feeling.

RE: hairstyles. SO many choices--all so cute. : )


Look at you, you crazy cat! There is nothing more crazy than a virtual hair cut!!!!
I love the layered one. The top left. Oh so cute!

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