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September 29, 2007


Jan Connair

Your "glads" ended up far outweighing your "bads"! Sometimes ya gotta just get it out of your system, and as you hear yourself listing all of the negatives, it makes space for and generates a stream of things you realize you can be thankful for.

I am sure you are a blessing to at least one person every day, if not an entire classroom full. Add that to your list!

gabriella biancofiore

Now that's an awesome attitude to have. It really is. (And I'm not just saying that b/c I constantly feel sorry for myself when I think that I'll soon be trapped in a bed until I deliver this trio.)

Also, have you two considered turning my bedroom--okay, okay, fine, the GUEST room--into a scrap space? Is it at all possible? I don't know how you'd do it; especially with the bed and all, and I don't know if there really is enough light in there to work well, but is it a possibility? Or is it just too much work? Can all the supplies go back into the mudroom when out of town guests arrive? Just thinking...

Andrew Harbison

You inspire me Susan. We should all check ourselves from time to time and see the gifts in our lives that we have.

pearl maple

Congratulations in finding the good things, it is not always easy but always worth it.


Wow, that is quite a list Susan! So glad you are such a positive person and I admire the faith you have in everything around you. I find it very therapeutic to write things down like this when I'm feeling frustrated too. Hope you have a good rest of the week girly! :)

Kelly C.

I just love reading you & Beth's blog. You are both so real and aren't afraid to put "IT" out there. Hang in there.
You two do seem to have it so together! I love that you both keep it real. You see the good, the bad and the ugly, but some how ALWAYS find the beautiful!


And that ... that is why I love you Susan! Hot thing that you are, I love you!! :D


I'm going through some stuff right now too just glad that there are more things to be grateful for than sad about. I am sad about the Tigers this year too. But I am so happy that they had a good season and I am hopeful that they will have a excellent season next year!!!


Look at you workin' in out!
It's good to have low times, they help us step back and relfect.
You know I think you are fabulous! I think you are talented and I'm glad you are my friend!


You know, I have yet to meet a woman who is satisfied with her thighs.

Do you really get to drive the short bus? I think that's cool...

Sue Fields

Great post!!! We ALL can relate to the "not so bright" side of things but the important part is that you appreciate the positive side of things. Way to go with that great attitude :)

Jessica Turner

I love that picture of you in your classroom!

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