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September 14, 2007



Susan - I know what you mean. Janis is so into things, especially finance, retirement, anything that requires a calculator. My brain just starts to flutter and my eyes glass over. I just like to see the brighter side of things and basically not think about serious stuff. Of course I am the older sister, but as my old boss used to say, "the pretty one". Janis is the smart one. You are perfect the way you are, as is Beth. We just love you and are glad that you compliment each other so well.

Tina Albertson

LOL girls!!! I can see that, really! That's what makes you each so wonderful in my book. Love me some Opel sisters!!!


It is pretty hard to describe a person with just one word, although I think Anna was pretty accurate after only a short observation. A fun commentary, Susan. I had never seen that post in April "twenty-four days" before today and I read your blog faithfully. What a heart-rending story! Now I know that Beth was not that happy in high school but she always put on a good front. I wish I could have made it better for you. Maybe that is why you are now a high school teacher, so you can relate to other kids as they go through those difficult years. xxxooomom

Jody Ferlaak

For whatever reason...I like you both. =)


It's great to know your strengths, not to question, but embrace what you are... which I feel like you have done very well.
Your personalities are great compliments to each other. I love who you are!

Diane DiTullio

I just love your blog posts. LOL You crack me up! I've said it before. As an only child, I'm envious of the sister bond that the two of you have. You understand each other and more importantly know yourselves so well. I couldn't imagine you any other way Susan! There should more people like you in the world who "bring" the fun! :)

Sue Fields

Well thankfully we weren't all made the same because the world would be pretty boring, LOL. You're special just as you are!! And so is Beth!! :)


There's nothing wrong with being fun rather than deep! Otherwise I am in trouble. But actually, I think that you have to be deep in order to be fun... nobody wants to hang around a shallow person, right?

gabriella biancofiore

Deep. Fun. I love ya both. :)

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