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December 31, 2007


Jan Connair

I love your pictorial retrospective! And I'm honored that you included your visit with Barb and me on your list of good things that happened this year! (That meeting would make my list, too, if I had made a list.)

Here's to an amazing 2008--I hope we all have lots of wonderful things to look forward to!

carolyn mcafee

Happy New Year... again!
Look at how skinny Gab's legs are!!!
Speaking of skinny Susan you look totally skinny in the Dec pict of you and your brother.
2007 was great 2008 will be great too! It's all what you focus on!
By the way, I can empathize with the growing waistband!!!

Sylva Hildebrandt

I enjoyed reading your 2007 retrospective, complete with pictures, and catching up on other recent blog entries. Happy New Year! Love, AS



Okay, when I was skimming over your post the first time, I thought it said "Susan got gussied up for the CHS porn"!!! My eyes just about popped out of my head. I think I need my eyes examined...

Have a wonderful time at the Event! Bummed that I won't be able to be there but I guess I have a good reason! (Speaking of which, make sure and stop by on your way through town and meet our little Cutie Pie!)


2008 is starting out on the right foot with a Michigan victory today! Wahoo, Go Blue!

Happy New Year, Ladies! Looking good so far! Hope to see you both in 2008!


It is always good to look back and find that many wonderful, important things happened over one year. Yes, each year brings its stresses but it also brings its blessings. When all is said and done we are privileged to live in a great land with great friends and families who love us. It has been delightful to spend several of the days of 2007 with my daughters around me.xxxooomom

PS - It is unbelievable to see how big Gabriella was before the triplets came! Poor thing! So glad everything went well and she has her babies now.


i love you guys! what a great year in review. I loved seeing all of the photos! Gabriella looks amazing!! and the 2 of you look amazing as always! much love from the Monroe's! off to Hawaii!

Melissa Salomon

Loved the year in review. Happy New Year 2008 and many blessings!

Tina Albertson

When you break it down, it sounds like you had a wonderful 2007!!! I truly hope 2008 brings better things though :) Happy New Year!

Andrea Deer

What a great recap of the year! Great photos -- and I just love that one of Gabriella! Here's to an even better 2008.

Heather Keller

sounds like a fabulous year! Loved seeing all the pictures!


hey susan... sorry there wont be a repeat of the colts this feb.... go pats!!!! :P

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