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December 16, 2007


Jan Connair

Ask Susan if she wants me and Barb to come beat up that mean parent! Honestly, I can understand why the man might call to discuss the deduction, but ultimately what did he hope to gain by belittling Susan? How about a nice, courteous conversation in which he presents his case, Susan rebuts his points as she sees fit, and they come to some mutual understanding? I feel sorry for his child--not because she received a lowered grade, but because her father is setting such a poor example for her of how to get along with others in this world!


Are you girls planning on playing a mean game of Compatability? I wonder how Tony and I would fair against the two of you now. I love snow days and snow delays. I'm glad you got one coming. It is so nice to have a break every now and then.


'Once In Royal David's City' is one of my favorite overlooked Christmas hymns. (I tried to have my high school kids sing it in our scripture study class last week... they were all, "We don't know this song!" What??) Glad I'm not the only one who likes that song.

I can't believe a parent would be that MEAN... I would love to have one of my kids taught by the fabulous Opel sisters, I think I'd jump for joy!


I have always loved words and meanings. It's often surprising to me that any of us understand one another in normal conversation. It's no surprise however that often times we are misunderstood or we misunderstand others. No one was more misunderstood than Christ himself. He came to give Life and's a shame so many still don't understand His simple message. I thank Him for His grace and mercy in my life everyday. Here's sending you wishes for a wonderful week before Christmas. Enjoy your snow delay too!


Love this post and your HAIR, Beth! We are enjoying being snowed in today as well. My husband "built" the kids a hill in the front yard so they could try their new sled! Though I'm not sure if a 3' hill will be enough to satisfy them for long!

- Amy S.

Sue Fields

what a super post!! I'm so sorry for the rude behavior of that very uncalled for and I know Susan didn't deserve that :( Makes me very sad when unappreciative parents are just plain stupid! On a happier note, gorgeous gifts under that perfectly trimmed tree! Merry Christmas!!!

carolyn mcafee

Very creative.
I love looking deeper into words. What a great post!
Sorry Suz about the mean parent. Ah, the joys of parents who don't hold their kids accountable!
I am loving this season of giving! I am late getting your goodies to you, but hope to mail today or tomorrow!

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