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December 08, 2007



Yes, Aunt Pat was a very special woman, and you two are very special women as well to write such a loving tribute to her. xxxooomom


So sorry to hear this! And I love how you did this blogpost as a tribute to her! I'm sending you lot's of love and strength in this time!


I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. You two and your family are in my thoughts.

Jan Connair

Your Aunt Pat sounds like a lovely woman! And talk about the power of the written word--you have me in tears here. What a wonderful idea her daughter had to read those letters to her in her last hours! You have my sympathies on your family's loss.


I'm sorry for your loss, Susan and Beth. Your Aunt Pat was a lovely lady and your post was lovely too.

gabriella biancofiore

It seems she had a good life though, huh? Like I said to Beth, I love how she left this world listening to her husband's romantic words -- I'll probably leave this world listening to Mike asking me what we're having for dinner and why he can't find any socks. *Sigh...*

Aunt Sylva

Susan, you got it exactly right. Pat was extra special and we will all miss her so much. Thanks for expressing our loss so well. It brought tears to my eyes. Love AS

Sarah Youde

So sorry to hear of your loss. A beautiful post.


What a beautiful tribute.

carolyn mcafee

HA! I think Gab is so funny!
What a lovely woman!
So, this tells you how far behind I am in scrapping, but I finally looked through my CK and saw your work, Beth in the 5 product section! Way to go! Lovely little creation there!
I hope to have my Christmas cards out soon. I loved yours, and as silly as it is, love that I'm IN it!!!! It makes me happy!


What a gorgeous lady. There is a special pace in our hearts for these we hold dear.



I'm sorry for your loss. Thinking of you girls...

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