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May 31, 2008


Jan C.

I'm going to get all "English majory" on you, Susan, and just pull out all the vocabulary stops here to say, "Holy Crap, you ladies have a lot of stuff!" And what's the deal with the mannequin?

I can't believe your friends made you that luscious scrapbook. It looks amazing. Some of your colleagues have scrapping in their blood, obviously.

And finally, that is the cutest cake I have ever, ever seen!

Good luck in Salt Lake City. You and Beth are gonna rock your new jobs.

Sue Fields

Oh you guys.....I'll be thinking of you as you embark on your new expedition!! I relate it to a cruise, going from port to port, looking forward to the next new experience but feeling bittersweet that the port we just visited is being left behind. So many good memories but lots to look forward to. So I send you off with good luck wishes, picturing in my mind that cute little car leaving port on a new excursion. Big hugs and have a safe trip!!


Good luck girls! I hope you have a safe trip. We can't wait to hear of your new adventures. Watch out Utah, here come the Opel sisters!

Amy W.

what a wonderful journey you two have ahead! safe travels and i will be stalking your blog for updates as you reach your destination. ;)


awwww, I can tell it was bittersweet.
The scrapbook ROCKS!! That was very sweet of them,


Seeing all the fantastic tributes to you and Beth as you leave Fort Wayne makes me all the more excited to meet you here in SLC!

I can't wait to see you a week from tomorrow!

Westward ho!



Wow, I'm sure this has been difficult to adapt to this much change all at once. Sounds like you are both doing great so far though. I'm glad you have so many fab friends like Karen to get you through to the next step! Good luck this week! Make sure you post often to keep us all up to date! :)

Tina Albertson

Time has seemed like forever a go that you and I were discussing all the possibilities of the future Susan ;) I am happy that I could at least stop at your garage sale. But I missed the fabulous Miss Beth :(

I hope your travels are you both!

Tracey Wilder

Have a fab trip! Be sure to blog soon as you get there so we can hear all the details!!! :)

Best of luck as you start a new chapter in your lives.


I love you guys!!! You are the best. I can't imagine what amazing things you will do in Utah! Good Luck!!!!

Shelley Blackie

Susan and Beth, Best wishes to you on your newest adventure. We will sure miss having you nearby, so don't forget to visit as often as you can! Your blog is awesome. You are doing something really exciting, and I'm sure God will continue to bless you, as he has already done. Friends through the years.....Shelley

gabriella biancofiore

1. Thank you for saying goodbye for me.
2. I absolutely loved your "good riddance" considering your classroom! LOL. :)
3. I would have cried buckets over that scrapbook, too. That was so very touching. Life is good, huh? :)


CONGRATULATIONS! And good luck Beth and Susan! I hope to be able to visit you someday...

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