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May 25, 2008



you really are amazing! You will be successful at anything you do because you are you!!!!!!

Jan C.

Doubters waiting to see you fail?!!! No way. Concentrate on the believers waiting to see you succeed!

gabriella biancofiore

I have NO doubt whatsoever that I'll soon be hearing of your success in the weeks to come. I'm still (irrationally) panicky about you're moving away but I honestly believe good things are coming your way.

You've always been brave in my eyes. Of course it's daunting, most new things are. But one cannot help but look at all these signs and see God's direction behind all of this. :)


You have impressed me again! Many years ago it was how you could stand up as an infant as I held you in my hand. Now Your skill at writing and your strong Christian witness make me proud of the woman that you have become. Your Mom and I will miss you being a short drive away but we are happy and excited for you and Susan as you tackle this new adventure.

carolyn mcafee


'Skelator'! Your arms are so freakin' freaky!!! Love it!

I am so excited for you two. So much good will come from this giant leap! You will soar! It's what you do!

Amy W.

very thought provoking post. i wish you both the best in your new journey. :) can't wait to hear of your exciting new happenings as you set roots in your new place.

gabriella biancofiore

I meant to e-mail you this but my service is down. Can you please say goodbye to Azalea Drive for me? I'm going to miss it. It became something of a home-away-from-home for me and I will always, always remember it and the time we all shared there fondly.

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