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May 16, 2008



Phew! I was getting worried when there were no new posts for a while. I do hope the housing thing comes together soon for you (we kinda know how you feel, and it's scary!). If I lived in Ft Wayne, I would be ALL OVER your scrapbook garage sale!


Glad to hear from you!

I am SO SAD that I don't live near. I would be spending some money at your Garage Sale if I did. What size are those shoes? J.K. fashion and scrapbook supplies - heaven!

I will keep praying.


Hey thanks girls! I spent my allowance and got LOTS of new (to me)goodies!

Praying for your housing situation and for safe travels!

Man! I wish my hubby were done with his degree - he'd apply for one of openings you are leaving at Carroll! But alas - he's not done yet. Oh well!

Sue Fields

Scrappin' stuff goes like hot cakes at garage sales!! good luck with your move!

Jan C.

You're still alive! I had given up hope that you would update your blog. Thought you had moved and left no forwarding address.

Good luck with the housing situation. You'll get it worked out!

Leah LaMontagne

Ha...I know all too well about this...the past two weekends in a row we ran a rummage sale for our Panama team to raise funds for the trip. We made lots of money and grew a few sunburns!


omg! You're moving?? And to utah! So when is this garage sale and man do i need caught up! Wow, so i think i heard that you guys are opening your own business...?? If so, that awesome! Are you guys glad for school to be almost over??

carolyn mcafee

Man, I wish I could've been in the area to partake of your little scrap store!

I'm glad you did so well and made some $$$$!

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