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June 23, 2008


Jan C.

Love the photos of your road trip, and I'm so glad to hear this is all turning out to be the great life change that you two had hoped.

My oldest son was in Salt Lake last week, too, taking a wild road trip with his HS friend. Small world!

Karen Monroe

You were on tv! Wow! how cool is that! and must I say you look fabulous! Glad your stuff made it too!


Oh, how cool to hear a little more about you both settling in and the road trip there!

And about the color organizing - I've been wanting to do this FOREVER, but can't quite figure out how to remember which products are from which manufacturers. I'm pretty good at remembering, but I just know I won't remember all of them. And what about multi-colored things? Any tips you'd like to share? :)


Normally I'm a lurker but I couldn't help but post!

Sounds like a fun road trip! Love your color coded moving trick--will have to remember that if we ever move. Best of luck on this new chapter in your lives!


Whoa! Great segment on TV..... you are a natural. There are two LCMS churches in SLC you might visit. Rocky Mountain District has some great leadership in the District Office and in Missions. Enjoy your exploration...


I love reading about everything and thanks for the details of the drive to SLC!

I think it's really cool that you have people you know in your church. Small world indeed!

Andrea D

Glad to hear you are settling in well. How cool is that video of Beth! Kudos :)


A whole packing box just for hangers = one more reason to love Susan.

Beth on TV = fabulous!


p.s. I love how Beth's face lit up when the hostess mentioned the bling thickers...


The place sounds amazing!!! I am patiently waiting to see pictures of the scrappin' room! And you know, if I could have snuck into that moving van, I would have re-arranged all of those little colored dots just for shits and giggles!!! I'm gonna miss coming to your house to "re-organize" the clothes hanging on the door!

kylie louis

im still blog stalking you guys! im glad you made it! i'll miss you next year at school! :(!

carolyn mcafee

What the crap?!!! Just throw her on TV!!!! How was that juggling the falling LO's and trying to remember what product was in front of you??? I know you've done a DVD for them, but this looks a little more nerve wracking!!! Great Job!!! It's so great to see you in action!!!

The church looks beautiful, and new, not like your old beauty. I'm glad you found some friendly faces. Hopefully they will all be super welcoming! I'm sure they don't get newbies too often! :)

Love the hangers!

Can't wait to see the scrap room! Hooray for not having to load everything back up when you are finished for the day!

Pooh! Thelma & Louise is no fun w/o Brad Pitt!!! :)

I did get your email and I am so excited to come! We'll talk more details soon!!! Yipppeeeee!

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