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June 12, 2008


Amy Nabors

glad you are settling in. have fun rediscovering all the things in your moving boxes. :)

lisa tanner

Glad to hear ya'll are settling in - and again, congrats - I know you are both so excited. Can't wait to hear more!!

Karen Monroe

I am so glad to see your update and most of all your smiling faces. Did I say how much I miss you already? Just know you aren't across town makes me weepy. Oh well! I am so very very proud of both of you and your accomplishments. You fit in anywhere you go! Can't wait to see you climb the ladder of success! Can't wait for your truck to arrive! have a fun weekend unpacking! Wish I was there to help!
Love you both!


I am glad that you had a safe trip. Good to see that you found your groove already. Keep in touch!


It sounds like a fun adventure in store for both of you in your new jobs. Enjoy keep taking pictures. See you in August!

Aunt Sylva

You made it!! Way to go!! Wishing you both much success and happiness in your new dream careers. Follow that dream!! Love and Hugs!

carolyn mcafee

Big scream!!!!!
I can't believe you are there!
I hope all of your things arrived safely!
Your town home looks so cute! I need the story, because last I heard you were hotel-bound. Another miracle?
I bet the adrenaline was pumping that first day at the office!
Yea for you!


Yay! You're there! I hope you post about your drive from Indiana to Utah...I bet that alone was an adventure! Congratulations to you both!


Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!(frantically waving like a madwoman!!!!)

So glad you had safe travels to Utah. Your town home looks adorable and DANG what a view! You both so cute and happy and "right" in your new offices there!

Is your email the same? Shoot me an email and let me know. We gotta talk and catch up girls!!!!

Tracey Wilder

Glad to hear all is well! Do you miss your teacher's desks yet? You sure don't look like it!!! ;) Good luck setting up house (I'm with Beth - HATE that part of things!). Enjoy the blessings of a life planned just for you! :)


Very happy for you girls! Look forward to hearing more...


Glad you two are settling in and loving your new jobs!

I'm with Beth too! I'd be perfectly happy if I never had to move again!

Take care!


So, so glad everything is going well so far! I loved the pictures from your trip, and your new place looks sweet. And I'm with Susan, I'm the official IKEA-furniture-assembler in the family (I even have a scar on my wrist from where the allan wrench slipped when I was building one of the TEN dining room chairs!)


oh... and the bling on Susan's shelf... priceless!

Diane DiTullio

Yeah, so happy that you arrived safely and you're settling in! Have fun unpacking! :)


Kudos and blessings!

Sue Fields

That's really cool to see you at your desks - WOOHOO!! You seem to like it there so far :) Thanks for the update - been thinking about ya!!


You made it! Yeah!! Glad to hear you found a house. I want to hear more details and see more pictures, though. I've been checking in daily to see if you've got the story up. Give my best to the CK team.

carrie mowrey

Glad to see you guys made it! Looks beautiful and you look quite comfortable in your new profession. Hope all is well and please keep in touch! :)

Amy W.

amazing view where you are living. you both look so cute in your offices. :) good to hear everything is going smoothly. :)


i'm soooo excited for you both - what an awesome adventure! i can't wait to hear about how the publishing industry works and all that fun stuff, not to mention your beautiful surroundings :) keep those posts coming!!

Ruth Ann

Congrats on chasing your dreams. I am so excited for both of you.
Can't wait to read more. Way to go girls!

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