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November 11, 2008


Carla Tarrou

Amen to your tribute!


Thanks for making Veterans Day more meaningful. We have had a history of military men and women in our family. God bless them all!

john  o.  heil

Another very fine tribute to FAMILY.


Thanks for giving me a little something to add to my scrapbook, my husband is in the Air Force and loves when I scrap about him. Today for his day off we went to the mall in Provo to hit the Disney Store and Archiver's, he had fun pointing out all of the Military goodies to me and asking me if I needed them.


You know what? Can I add my own thank you to this list? If so, let me thank my first boyfriend, Carm C who joined the Marines when we were dating and who I learned is now serving in Iraq, helping people create their own police force. So, thanks for him for his bravery and compassion. He was a good guy when I knew him and apparently has grown up to be a good man.

Ms. Maxwell

MiniMe and I tried to go to the library yesterday, forgetting that it would be closed for Veteran's Day. She asked me what the day was about, and I explained in my best "mommy language" what it meant. As soon as I told her that Grandpa was a veteran, it personalized the meaning just a bit. But that poem is one I will use to teach more about the meaning of serving one's country. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the moving tribute to veterans. I love that poem!

Susan, you've been tagged! Head over to PK's Parlor for your fun assignment! (I really hope your computer is off in the scrap room and the "You've Got Mail" voice doesn't wake you up!)

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