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March 02, 2009


lisa tanner

My fave would be the "Album Shortcuts" special issue. I used to be so intimidated by mini albums - and that helped me get over it. Now it's my favorite thing to make!!

Lynn Judge

Wow would love to pick up a copy of the Stamp it - loved the last one!!


What a glorious giveaway, I'd love to peruse both issues :)
My all time fave has to be the PC Gourmet book... food and papercrafting, can't go wrong with that combo of my two most serious addictions!
Have a fabulous week ladies :)


Both of you make beautiful cards! I have been thinking about you girls lately and hope that things are going well for you here in Utah.


Hi - My favorite all-time special issues have been the "Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking" series. Love them!


I have two choices for a favorite issue as I liked them equally! The first is Supply Savvy, by Erin Lincoln, and the second is Step Up Your Scrapbooking, by Lisa Brown. Both of them made me look at scrapbooking a little bit differently. Whether I am repurposing old supplies (and I have many of them), or whether I am attempting to design something innovative with only two or three products, both of these CK publications have been invaluable to me. A close third to these would be Jennifer McGuire's 101 Things You Can Do with Your Scrapbook Supplies. Truthfully, I bought many of CK's special publications in the past, and there haven't been as many recently. My local scrapbook store closed, so I missed purchasing 101 Expert Solutions for Scrapbooking. I really appreciate the opportunity to win it here! :o)

I am a regular lurker here attracted by the fact that both of you are former English teachers who are Lutheran. I think we share a similar genepool. :oD

Robin W

My favorite special edition is Super-Fast pages with 4x6 photos. I love how this issue has helped me put together pages with little cropping, and I like how it is divided into how many pictures fit on the layout. I love both your cards--you're both so creative!

Amanda Teel

I want to win! The cards you have here are awesome!

Tamikko Gordin

I love CK's mag, and Expert Solutions special edition would be great to see. I pull alot of inspiration from their magazines. I'm just starting out in cards and I love scrapbooking. Love the trees on the peace card.
Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Jill Swanson

I have to say I love PC Gourmet. I can't get enough of it. Thanks for a chance to win. Jill S

Amy Nabors

Oh it'd have to be the joy of cardmaking series. love those.

great cards!


I would have to say my personal favourite is Album Shortcuts, but oh if I was independently wealthy, it would be more scrapping/cardmaking magazines for me!!

Amy K

I love all of the Hall of Fame issues from CK. I love to see what the best of the best come up with and what makes them winners.


I love both Stamp It and Creating Keepsakes magazines and in fact have a subscription to Creating Keepsakes but can't think of any issue that stands out in my mind but more importantly I wanted to tell you guys that I just viewed Simple Scrapbook's DVD about Susan and Beth Opel. And all I can say is WOW - I'm sure I've seen your work a hundred times but never put a face with the work but I love both of your style. Your ideas on the DVD captivated me. I loved the DVD and so I decided to google you and see what I could find. I will definitely check back often. Keep up the great work - you guys are awesome.


Congratulations on your anniversary! You girls are the best 'real' reality adventure I know off! LOL Love both off your cards, you two are naturals! My favorite book is "101 Things You Can Do With Your Scrapbook Supplies". Thanks


Sorry but I cannot pick one issue as my favorite. EVERY issue reigns supreme and I look forward to getting it every month! It would be like picking one of my children as a favorite...I simply cannot do it!


My favorite issue was Paper Crafting with Kids. As a former elementary school teacher who still finds ways of working with kids, I found the ideas fun, creative, and very do-able.

I miss seeing you two...but it doesn't seem like you are that far away when I can get on here and keep up with you both!

Lisa D

I love Jennifer McGuires 101 tips book. I love her new ideas, and OLD, lol!


My favorite is the Big Idea Book of Heritage Memories. It helped me find my passion for scrapping and establishing a legacy of scrapbooking with my children.


Hands down for me was 101 Tips. Anything that helps me make more attractive LOs is a fave!

Amanda Peck

Hi Susan and Beth. My favorite special issue is 101 Things you can do with your Scrapbook Supplies by Jennifer Mcguire. I love Jennifer's style. Thanks for the chance to win :)


I love the Stamp It! Cards special issues. They are great inspiration!

Linda Beeson

Love, love, love that yellow and green card! What a "happy" look!

Sara Rossi

I always swore I wouldn't make cards but finally caved a few months back. It's so easy to do after making a LO to use up the scraps. My favorite CK magazine was Becky Higgins' Sketch Vol 1 & 2--constantly pull those out for inspiration! Fun giveaway!


My favorite is the card creations. It was my first issue I got from PK.

Jamie P

What a great giveaway! Becky's sketch books are the ones I turn to all the time. I really need some new card ideas as I'm starting to make a lot more cards.

Karen Bernoe

Can't do without Stamp it! issue. Lots of great energy and beautiful simple designs.

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