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March 09, 2009



We love AI!!!
Kris who? Seroiously don't know ONE thing about him!
I'd say our fav's are Danny, Lil, Megan and Matt. I do like little Alexis too. Adam has a great voice, but I can't get over his 'acting' perfomances each time he's on stage. It bugs me. The only time I felt he was somewhat genuine was when he got through and sang the second time. It felt less 'planned' and 'staged'.
Those are our fav's. Can't wait to watch each week! Love it!


I usually don't watch until they get down to about 10.(So obviously, no faves yet.) I can't bear to listen to some of them and then it just ruins the whole experience for me. So I have learned to wait. lol.


Go SCOTT!!!!!!!!!! :)


I do like Danny, but I'm hoping for a girl this year with a new sound. So, I am digging Alexis, Allison, and possibly Megan. Megan is so pretty, but she seems awkward on stage. I have to root for Matt, he is from Michigan! Lil is great, but I feel like we've seen her type many times before. I love Jasmine, so cute, but is she too young and inexperienced? The rest of the guys are a toss up to me at this we'll see. I do think your oil rig guy is the weakest, though he seems sweet. That's my meaningless 2 cents and it could change after this week! :-)


I love many of the contestants! One of my favorites is Danny. How can anyone not like him?! However, I also have to give credit to the two girls from Memphis. Alexis and Lil are both driven by their love of music and their children. I like that about both of them. I can't wait to see how the contest unfolds!

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