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March 04, 2009



How about the card catalog? I have *vivid* memories of being in first grade and learning all about the Dewey Decimal System. Those long, skinny drawers were the coolest...

Elaine R

this was fabulous hahaha.
I think my first REAL cassette that wasn't a Disney Sing Along was...Alan Jackson's Greatest Hits. HAHAHAHA
My fits CD I got in the...4th grade? It was Divas Live with Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and Gloria Estefan.

Also, i ADORE typewriters. I actually BOUGHT one at a garage sale this school year for $3!!! It was a steal!

goooood times. :]


What a fun trip down memory lane! I giggled at the casette tapes and walkman, remember those well! I also remember typing, on an electric typewriter, all of my college papers... handwriting them during my year studying in France... yikes! Made me think of those days before cordless phones, being 'stuck' to the phone on the wall, in my parents earshot... yes, very thankful for technological advances ;)
cute post :)


How fun! I also remember playing records, and my grandpas car with an 8 track player. Our first computer was HUGE and only green prin on a black screen. How about checks? I still remember my mom writting me a check to cash at the grocery store when I needed money.

My kids will never understand how good they have it - when they go to my parents house they always want my Mom to record shows or fast forward past commercials. When my 6 year old hears a song he likes he asks if I can download it to his ipod. If i get lost they kids tell me to use the GPS.

Robin W

It's so true; I started thinking about these changes at the beginning of the school year. My daughter was heading off to college and she asked me what type of laptop I had taken to school! I laughed at her and said that I didn't even have my own typewriter; I had to use the ones in the library basement that you paid the desk for so much time to type on. I'm not sure she really understood :)

Another change is using your phone to take a picture. I remember having one of those 110 cameras when I was young; I thought it was so cool too.

Shaun Paddock

Speaking of Music, I wanted to let you know about the Founder's Day Concert at the Cathedral of the Madeleine. The concert is Sunday, March 22nd at 7:30. They will be singing Paulus, Op. 36...Felix Mendelssohn. For free tickets call 994-4663. Let me know if you are able to attend this concert.

Jan Connair

roflol! I still do not own an iPod, although my kids do. Dennis is fine using one of the "community" cell phones at work, and we used the prepaid card system for the cell phone I had until about a year ago. I won't let my daughters have texting on their shared cell, either. We still own a VCR and record programs on VHS, too! And when I get audio books, I actually prefer cassettes, because when I move my boombox around the house to do my chores, the cassette always starts right back up in the correct spot, whilst I have to guess which track and how many minutes into it I was for the CD versions.

At my first job in college, I made keypunched cards for a project at the office and typed on a Selectric typewriter. I worked in the editorial department for a textbook publisher, and we pasted up the galleys by hand, running the galleys through a wax machine (old-school "repositionable adhesive"). No one's car had heated seats or a moon roof. And what about microwaves? Dennis and I got our first one when our 21-year-old son was an infant. Now I can't think how I'd survive if I had to plan my menu and defrost my meat by leaving it in the fridge overnight, etc.!


Oh my - I remember all of these and more. I see Joli mentioned playing records and 8-tracks, but what about reel to reel? When we planned parties, we spent hours putting a mix of music on reel to reel tape because it could play for hours unattended. And of course microwaves - I didn't have one when my first son was born in 1982 - don't know how I did it. And in the office, how about fax machines?


LOL...this really was a trip down memory lane! My first album was a vinyl record of ABBA Gold...walkmans didn't come out til I was in high school and they weighed a ton (I often think of that when I stick my iPod shuffle in my pocket to go walking!). I learned to type on a NON-electric typewriter...overseen by the very strict Sister Klara who didn't allow mistake correction, you had to be perfect! We got our first VCR when I was 13 and it was Betamax!
I was talking with my Gran a few months back about all the changes that she had seen throughout her life....I can't even imagine what the world will be like when I'm in my 80's!!!!
Thanks for sharing :)

Sara Rossi

WOW! I can relate to this in so many ways! I miss letters done the "old-fashioned" way too!


Oh that was those retro memories! I am going to have to share this one with my boys ( 14 and 10 ). We've discussed this before with them but it never sinks in until you read it on the web!!!


Loved your trip down memory lane! I am apparently the same age as you because I remember those exact things very vividly. I didn't know what a VCR was until I was almost graduated from high school, and I didn't know what cable was until I got married! My, my, how things change! And by the way, I still have a box of cassette tapes from my younger days. Didn't you hate when they'd been played so much they make that "squeak" noise while playing, and you just knew it was about to break! Aaahhhh, memories!


I love you article. I recently bought some jolees about the 80's with photos of cassette recorders, pom pom's, aquanet, scunchi's, leg warmers, etc. I actually planning a few layouts about the 80's (I am 42, so eighties was my young life period). thanks for sharing this, it inspires me more to scrapbook about that wonderful stage of my life.
Remember also the TV WITHOUT a remote control. My daughters (15 and 18) hear about it and they asked me if it was true? When I say yes to them, they asked again "And how you used to change channels mom?" We leaf and leaf and leaf. Of course we explain to them that actually needed to stan-up to change channels, raise/decrease volume, etc.

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