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April 02, 2009



Ooh! I just read that book a few weeks ago. We must be 'kindred spirits' ;-)

Glad you got home okay, and more importantly, that your team won. (And you are so right about the makeup in 'Twilight' - it was ludicrous.)

Come over and see my blog when you get a chance, I (finally) got a new look!

Ashley Newell

Glad you had a safe trip! Traveling can always be an enjoyable blog post!


I keep saying I hate flying and your experience is one of the whys. Glad you made it home.

Elaine R

i loved your photo story today. Especially the fantastic plane shot of Utah! You had quite the day and coped with it much much better than I would have. haha I probably would have panicked when i realized my flight was cancelled. haha

Glad you're back!


I love how you documented the entire day with pics.


Such a great post, Susan! I love reading about the little details of things. :) I owe you an e-mail big time!

Ashley Rasmussen

What a fun post! What a way to remind you of flying and airport experiences... and kind of glad that I'm not going to St. Louis any more;)


You made a long lousy day almost sound fun. Very cool.

KT Quill

I liked this.
seems like something I would do =]

Renee T.

What a day! Thank God for Starbucks, Facebook and Bourbon!!

Sara Rossi

I love this post!! My family would think I'm nuts but I would so do this! Something to remember for our flight this week!!


I will send you my number over on FB so that if you are ever this close again to me and this type of thing happens, I can come pick you up or keep you company.;)

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