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April 13, 2009



It seems like I have been here before. What a great idea for a blog post. I am sure people will be surprised at how rural your commute is. Good job! As for my commute, retired people don't have to worry about that.


I love this! Thanks for a glimpse into daily life in UT - definitely different than Fort Wayne! :) About how long of a drive (in minutes) is your commute?


Some of your pictures make me a bit homesick. We lived in Bluffdale for about 6 years and I miss seeing the mountains and that view of the Salt Lake Valley as you come up over the Point of the Mountain. Thanks for sharing the photos.


Your photos are beautiful. I didn't realize the area you are in is so rural! Miss seeing the two of you!


You sure make that drive to work look like fun! Thanksgiving Point is one of our favorite places to visit, I can't wait to see the tulips this year.

My only commute is taking my son to Kindergarten and then back home again. Most of my 15 minute drive is spent telling him and his sister to stop fighting with each other. Not very exciting, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Jon got his birthday cards, thanks so much! He is loving all of the extra mail!


There are times when I really appreciate my commute each morning, too. I also avoid freeway congestion by taking the back roads to the school where I teach. It is very much worth the four or five extra minutes to drive through a couple of neighborhoods with daffodils, pink dogwoods, and luscious lilacs. Next, I travel down a street that follows a tree-lined creek. Then, I turn onto a longer road that hugs our quiet area lake. That puts me into farmland before I set my directional to enter the parking lot. There are a lot of reasons to be thankful for my job, and this commute is one of them. Thanks for sharing yours.


You know...I think about the two of you a couple of times per week. I just wanted to say that I hope my two girls have the same insanely close relationship that you two do. I mean...I can tell they do now. They sleep together in the same bed EVERY night (and they are 11 and 8!) but I just hope and pray that they can share that kind of love for each other every day of their lives. As a girl who grew up with two brothers, it is really really neat to see the Lord work in their lives as sisters. Thanks for being such great sisters. It is s pleasure to read your daily life updates!

wendy Lojik

This is my favorite post..My sister lives on this road and I have to drive on it daily..So funny..We need to show you more rural roads in Utah..This is one of the best;)

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