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April 06, 2009


Jan Connair

"Rain gives sunshine its glory."

What an awesome thing to say. I'm going to remember that one, Beth!

Your No. 8 fluttering around in feminine florals reminds me of another quotable, by Robert Herrick. "Whenas in silks my Julia goes/Then, then, methinks how sweetly flows/That liquefaction of her clothes." I always thought "that liquefaction of her clothes" was the perfect way to describe a woman on a breezy spring day in a silk dress. (As for Verse 2 of that poem . . . well, let's just not go there. It's V1 that counts!)


This is a beautiful post and really sets the tone for things going on this season.


Is that Jacksonville, Fla? That is is my neck of the woods so to speak! Some of my favorite places near Jax are
Cumberline Island, where JFK,jr. was married, Fernadina Beach and Jeykll Island and there is always the Landings in Jax. Have Fun!

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