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May 12, 2009


Katherine Bley

I would LOVE to win one! Crossing my fingers!


I don't really have a trick, but I make scrapbooking easier on myself by having everything ready and at hand when I start scrapbooking! I layout everything I think I'm going to need so that I don't have to hunt for stuff and interrupt my creative juices from flowing! lol

Looks like a must have magazine!!

Jlyne Hanback, Realtor®

I like to keep a project spread out on my scrap counter and when I am on the telephone or in between other tasks, I can devote a few moments to embellishing a layout, typing up journaling, etc. - even a few moments here and there can help me complete a layout or project in no time!

Julie, momto7

very cool! I keep my scrapping simple by limiting the number of elements I add on a page. After all, I don't want my pictures overshadowed by loads of lovely embellishments, as much as I love them. :)

Linda Rein

I don't have a tip to make it easier, but I love to read the ones on this site AND I would love to win the latest edition to learn more : )


I use Stacy Julian's LOM system and color drawers! Wow that cuts down on a ton of time. I love to create and it is so much easier with everything is in it's place.

This issue looks incredible!



I've stopped using as many embellishments and have focused on just the story plus the pictures.


Love your color layout! Congrats on getting this issue out, Beth, and for having so many layouts in it, Susan! My best tip for making things go more quickly is to stay organized! I am more organized with my scrapbooking stuff than ever, and it helps with making layouts and projects! I can easily--and quickly--get my hands on what I need. :)

Melissa Salomon

Congrats! How exciting. It's been said before but my tip is DONT THINK YOU HAVE TO DO A LAYOUT ALL AT ONCE! In fact, I think it is best when you sleep on your art (not literally of course.....but there is alot of creative thinking happening when we sleep....and the next day you often just "get it!") Use your teeny, tiny minutes throughout the day to work on something. It sometimes gives you just the charge (being creative for yes even a few minutes) you need to charge on throughout your day. People ask me when they know how busy I am, how I have managed to scrapbook so much. I say "I don't know how it added up to so much because I just do it a few minutes as a time!" A good lesson in life actually to realize that much can be accomplished by using those small moments that you would normally just ignore or toss out! Now I'm rambling.....

Jennifer Hansen

To try to preplan kits when going to crops. I sawy I try...but that doesn't always happen!


My trick to make scrapping easier will be to pick up this book. I am not much of an idea book girl, but this looks like a fun one!

I love the colorful world page.


My is to have a template before you start.

Jenn C.


Tamikko Gordin

I love the colour lo, simple, colourful and you could use it for so many things. My tip is to use the lo's from magazines to get your juices flowing or to copy completely. I usually scraplift an idea or element and then change everything else to my liking. I recently combined two sketches to make a double lo and loved the results with my own little ideas thrown in. I find it gets to going instead of spending all my time wondering what to do.

Robin W

I love to use sketches! Knowing that someone else has worked through the kinks of the layout allows me to be creative with my own pictures and embellishments without worrying about the placement. This book looks great--thanks for the chance to win!

Kay kay

Beth, I am so very proud of you! love you! and can't believe how far you have come from the days of SDU...what do I do? use my own organizational templates from the class I used to teach! Start with the journaling and tell the most important part of the story first!


When I have a layout to do, I HAVE to start with a cleaned up workspace. That helps clear the brain for being creative! Then, I look at the photos and pull paper & embellishments from my stash that I think I might use and put them in a Cropper Hopper paper/sticker file. Sometimes, I will do several groups of photos all at once and put them in a file box until I am ready for them. Now that I have everything all gathered up and ready, I am ready to let the creative juices flow with the layout, title, journaling, etc. If I need more inspiration, I might go on-line or pull out a magazine and check out the layouts there. If I see an element I like, I try to think of a different way to use it and then I'm on my way...


My tip? Keep it simple and keep the focus on the photo and not the embellishments. Sometimes we as scrapbookers can get caught up in having to have the right flower or the right patterned paper or the right whatever or having to use a certain product and we forget that it's about the photos and the memories. Keep the focus!


Kelly C.

Sketches really help me with SPEED-SCRAPPING, I can select the number of photos I want to use, find a sketch that works for that number, pull my papers out a really go to town. If I do get stuck, sometimes a quick moment of walking away, a quick flip through an idea book or clicking on a internet gallery will supply the kick to the creative hind-end, I'm needing to wrap it up!

Jing van opstal

Flipping each page keeps me wonder how many creative people out there - the magazine gives an inspiration either in scrapping photos or daily activities. Well, I try to go beyond what is in front of me - observing keenly the photos, background or colors. And I find it very therapeutic and sometimes mind boggling - can also be OVERWHELMING and Exciting!

Jennifer B.

What makes my scrapping easier and less time consuming? One word: sketches, sketches and more sketches!!!

Cat Geiger

The issue looks great.....I have been using my PageMaps cards to help when I need a sketch for a quick page. I also have been using my Big Shot and making multiple die-cuts to use on my pages!! Thanks for the chance to win!


I tend to only get any scrapping done at crops at a store so I leave all my stuff packed in their bags/carriers so I just have to grab and go for the next one.

Tracy Dayett

I have starting putting together my own kits so when I have a few minutes I'm ready to work right then. Not a new concept but new to me.


A trick that I use to help me when scrapbooking is to use cardstock for most of my layouts. I use patterned paper as an accent, but using cardstock helps me to keep it simple and easy.

Carla Tarrou

Putting all of my embellishements like brads, eyelets ect. in color coded embroidery floss boxes as saved my alot of time and space for me.


Very fun! I would love to win that! I neeeeeeeeed it!

Andrea D.

How exciting for both of you! I'm so happy that life is going so wonderfully for you in your new venture :)

Thespoena McLaughlin

The only advice (and it's not really a trick) is to stay away from impulse buys at the scrapbook store...well I know that is pretty much physically and mentally impossible, but I have started taking the pictures I want to use on a layout with me to the store and buying the things I want to put on the LO with them, intead of going to the scrapbook store empty handed and buying a bunch of stuff I may never use. When I get home it makes my layouts go very quickly because I've already got all the cool things I want to use with them on hand and don't have to go digging through supplies all day to get what I need. Plus I have much less overflow for the shorter process too. It's really helping A LOT! Thanks for the cool giveaway can't wait to see this awesome publication! And congrats Beth! And Congrats to you too Susan!


I try to create little kits from my supplies so that if I am feeling inspired I only need to grab a kit and create, rather than having to go digging through my stash for things that coordinate.

Amy Kline

For me the big difference is having my supplies organized and the most used items within arms reach. If I know where everything is I can reach for it easily my creative time is more productive.

Cindy D

My trick is easy.......I leave projects I am working on out. That way when I get a few minutes I can get a little done.


My trick to make it easier on me - Mess.

I am messy and that works for me. If I start aranging things then I am looking for them and by the time I find them I am ready to go on couch and watch Felicity (I know it is a very old series but I love the love Felicity has for Ben and it makes me all mushy).

So I guess I am organised in mess. I do better when I see the everything I need laying around me.

Chitra, MD

crystal deyo

this looks like a great issue. cant wait to get my hands on one

nicole renee

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! So excited! I clean up my work space after every layout no exceptions. It helps so much to start with a clean slate and no mess. : )

Risa Golding

I use pre-made borders and then paint them so I don't have to cut or rip anything. I use those small acrylic blocks to do the acrylic stamping - makes it easier to line stuff up. I love having everything organized by time of year, or by holiday, so I can find paper and embellishments easier.

Thanks for the opportunity. I adore CK magazine. I have subbed now for over 2 years and still have 6 issues left to my subscription. I get so many great ideas from the magazine.



My tip for making scrapbooking less time consuming is to get back to basics and use fewer embellishments. I try to just use pictures, cardstock and alpha stickers.


I put all my photos in a 3-up album--I can still enjoy the photos before I have time to get them scrapbooked and no one will mess up the order of the pictures when they look at them. (that totally drives me nuts)

This system really makes it easier for me to pick the photos I want to crop, too--giving me more time to actually scrapbook.

: )



Mostly I am scrapbooking about my niece, Sophia, who is 5yrs old. She has so much fun and has so much energy, that her pages almost create themselves. She gets very excited about everything, and has a very theatrical flair. It is easy to catch some of that excitment and drama, and create some beautiful pages. The other tip is to go to a CK Convention. I just got home from Manchester N.H. where there was so much of everything! The clases were terrific, and I came home with a bunch of new ideas that I can't wait to try - talk about inspiration.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


I use a lot of the same layout sketches. I used to think people would think my book looked the same but by using different pattern paper and different embellies the same sketch will take on a whole new look!


I like to look at sketches to get ideas, then keep things pretty simple as far as what goes on the page.

Jenny B in Indy

When I have the extra time, I make up my own "kits" full of matching papers, embellies and photos so the next time I actually have the time to scrap, I don't have to waste an hour going through my stash to find what I need :)

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