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May 05, 2009



my creative mojo has been on a hiatus for some time now, but i'm hopeful that it will return soon! while it's been away, i've been surfing different websites and re-reading my scrap magazines, always trying to find new ideas!


to really step it up on the inspiration scale, I do something really really boring: I read a lot of blogs@ seriously. I find cute projects and color combos that I love and then apply them. Maybe do a little scrap lift here and there to get the ball rolling. After that, I start collecting images that I really love and that inspire me and string them on my inspiration wire so that I'm surrounded my lovliness!



I blog surf and make cards to get the scrap juices going.

Julie G

I look through the pictures I have taken of my kids and usually it gets me motivated to scrapping something, problem is finding the time right now with a new baby.


I would love to know what the card "They still do" says in the circle. You two are awesome with your creativity and everything you do is really unbelievable. I don't scrapbook, I just enjoy your work.


The Paper Crafts magazine and the internet.


I love your hats! faboo!

when I have been de-mojo-ated, I find that the best way to get it back is to go through all my supplies... weed out all the stuff I know I will never use (like trimming away the dead wood! feels great!) and then create something with what is left. For example, on NSD I discovered a whole stack of SEI papers and stickers that I had totally forgotten about *hangs head in shame* and they were a perfect match for the pictures from Amy's first birthday.

sometimes out of desperation, if I am having a *really* hard time using a paper line, I'll go to Two Peas In Bucket and search that specific line in the gallery. Then I can see what pther people have done with it & helps me feel more inspired to use it.


how do I finf my mo-jo? hmmm. I grab all my magazines get a nice drink and start flipping or I blog hop! Love doing that! Then I go through my cute little drawers - I should send a picture of my cute drawers - (you would want it)and find all the cute stuff I have or go shopping to buy more cute stuff!

I am in a card group once a month. I would love that book!!


Reading scrapblogs, like yours :-), helps me to get going again.

April Massad

OMG your hats look fabulous!!!

Andrea Friebus

I get my mojo going by looking through idea books! I have a VERY active 3 year old son so whenever I get some free time I can't sit around waiting for inspiration to strike so I flip through an idea book, get an idea, and start creating!!

Tracy Dayett

I have found recently when my mojo isn't cooperating that watching a few home decorating shows really makes me motivated to be productive. Thanks for the chance to win and for being a comforting place on the internet.

Jennifer Hansen

I like to go shopping for some new scrap goodies. That usually puts me in the creative mood!


reading scrappy blogs and purchasing new goodies!


I love to look at my back issues of my scrap magazines (CK and Simple Scrapbooks) or if I am out, stopping and browsing in my LSS is always a boost!


You ladies know I don't scrapbook, but I do love to make homemade cards! As of late, I don't have time to get motivated, I just have to GET GOING because I have so many occasions and I put off creating until the last minute. This week I need to make 2 Mother's Day cards, 1 wedding, 1 anniversary, and a birthday card (all by Friday!). Usually, before I sit down, I envision all my supplies and then have at least an idea before I get started. Sooooo . . . . . procrastination is my MOJO! p.s. School is ALMOST out for the summer! YAY!

Robin W.

The hats are just great!! I love to read blogs--there are two or three like yours I check into frequently-- and I look through magazines to get motivated.

kim a.

I go for a walk downtown to drink in the colors, sights, and sounds of the city, (I have been trying to take my camera more often so I can use my inspiration in layouts) sometimes just getting out of my own space is enough to motivate my creative mojo!

Cindi Reyes

I look at some of my favorite blog sites and also read magazines. I have been getting a lot of ideas lately in -- believe it or not -- TV commercials. Some are so witty I may find a new title, and use of color never ceases to amaze me. So glad I stopped by today to see you with the mint juleps, what a race!!

Carol M.

I reread PC magazines, all of your blogs (really great stuff to lift there, ya know), check thru pics, just about anything will bring up a new idea. I think the new special issue "225 Cards & Gifts" would help out too!! Get the hint? Mint julips wouldn't hurt either!!!!


I throw a crop! There's always plenty of inspiration for scrapbokoing and cardmaking from the attendees.


I don't know why any of you others are responding since I know I will win this stuff for Mother's Day from my daughters!

Shari Rohde

I have a portable DVD player on my scrapbook table. I am not much for packing up all my stuff and hauling everything to crops where I would inevitably forget something and get frustrated. I scrap and paper craft in my room at home, alone. So, I use the CK Essential Scrapbook video collection to inspire me, keep me company and keep me motivated while I paper craft. I have all the videos, including the Opal sisters and use them for my inspiration. It's like my own personal crop with my famous scrapbook stars all in one night. Very inspiring and motivating!

sue s ellsworth

i check out the magazine website galleries and also look at the scrapbook magazines

Carrie F.

you 2 are so cute in your hats! i watched the kentucky derby at granite city restaurant after the graduation. WAY TO GO on the next dvd! Fun!!!


Challenges have been helping my mojo lately!! Always love a magazine to get me started and having a challenge to motivate me is great. So much fun out there on the blogs nowadays!! :) thanks for your super blog!


When I am down on mojo, I blog surf, put on loud music and look at online stores for pretty paper :).. Love your blog!!


I go to a crop and talk with other fellow scrappers to see what new and exciting things they're into. I always learn about some new product or technique I want to try.



I blog hop, browse galleries, and flip through magazines to get my mojo going. I can always find something that inspires me to create.

Christine Dibble

When I need motivation, I get out the camera. If I take pictures that I am really excited about, the scrap motivation will drive me crazy. I really have no trouble with the creative process if I have great photos to work with. And since I am doing Project 365, I have my camera always by my side!


Megan P

to pump up my creative mojo i always look at other peoples work, whether that's in a magazine or on a blog, it always gets me going and really excited!!
megan P

Nicole Croy

Ahhhhhhhhhhh - I organize my scrapbook room (again), and then I find a piece of a special event (a ticket, a brochure, a photo) and away I go. Becoming organized all over again helps me get a fresh start! (Rememer when i came to your house and re-organized your clothes for the week and totally messed them up? Good Times....I miss that!)

Carla Tarrou

Love your scrappy stuff and those hats are to die for!


To pump up my creative mojo....What I do is "Take a shower".

I know my kids also laugh at this one. But it really works for me. When I am stuck on a page and the ideas just don't come to me. I just get up and take a shower and when I come out I have fresh ideas. I have a little notebook in my bathroom corner. As soon as come out I write it down... It has worked for me.

Chitra, Maryland

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