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May 26, 2009



Hi Susan! I adore that layout. It is so cool!!! 5 for 5 or $5(or less)? Very cool.*Story- I lived in HI breifly as a child. It was pure heaven. I loved it. I moved back there as an adult and did not even recognize the place because it had been built up so much. Luckily for me, I got to live on the side of the island that wasn't quite so populate and touristy. I even got the advantage to be able to gaze out the back windows of the hospital where I worked and see the gorgeous mountains. I sure do miss HI.


I love the ribbon on the phone!

Carol M.

Hi Susan, I loved your LO!! What a world apart between LV and Woodburn. I've done the same kind of thing. Portland Oregon and Stevensville, MT in one fellswoop..culture shock is the best description for what I went through. But I loved it! I lived above a restaurant/bar and the "late night crowd" took some getting used to, but I did. I ended up living in Montana for 14 years and loved every minute of it. I would love an extra issue ( I subscribe) to share with my daughter, who is also a cardmaker/scrapper in her spare time. Thanks Susan and I hope you enjoy the 10 days. Carol

Amy Kline

Hi Susan! Great layout! I lived by myself in Kalamazoo, Michigan for a period of time long ago and I have NO pictures but I have to agree when you say you you did it alone and you learned a lot....I couldn't agree more. I had a small one bedroom apartment, a dream job at Upjohn, night job teaching at a cross stitch store, busy every moment between work and friends, but wouldn't trade a moment of it. I ended up having to give up my cute little apartment when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I needed to move home and help take care of her which is a whole different set of experiences I wouldn't give up for the world!


I love your very clever layout-comparing the two cities. Very well done.
Long ago I lived in Caracas, Venezuela. My daddy was the chief pilot for Creole, a subsidiary of Standard Oil of New Jersey now Exxon. The weather was always warm-maybe why I prefer warm weather instead of the cold and icy winters here in Indiana. The last two Christmas' that we were in Caracas, we spent with a Venezuelan family. They did not set up a Christmas tree, but instead put up a huge Nativity set in the corner of the dining room. Each day they would move the Holy Family closer to the manger and then on Christmas Eve at midnight they would place the Baby Jesus in the manger. We would follow that by singing traditional Venezuelan Christmas Carols, much different than anything we are used to signing, but what memories!!!

Jennifer Hansen

I grew up in a town without a stop light too. With 150 people, I suppose it didn't seem necessary. The neighboring town was huge - 800! (Still no light). I now live in a town of 14000 and my family things it's huge!


I have lived in the same area my whole life, which is both a little boring and also kinda nice. My favourite place was the farm I live on for the first six years of my life. Wide open spaces - love 'em!


I am always jealous of the people that don't have student loans and can actually save money these days. After college I moved out on my own, despite the fact I had no money, no furniture, nothing! I knew living at home would save me money, but I LIKE being a loner. My sisters both lived at home and saved money and mooched off the parents a little longer, but I just NEEDED to be out on my own, no matter the cost. Now, thinking back, sometimes I wish I had made a bigger dent in the student loans while just sucking it up and living at home, but I really think it is necessary for a person to live by themselves. You learn more about yourself when others aren't around, and there's more worth in that than there is in money!! (That's about as far back as I can go, you know, cause I'm still so young! haha)

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