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May 02, 2009


Paul Opel

Looking forward to it this afternoon. Remember our fun day in Louisville (I'm sure you do)? Tour of Churchill Downs, the Louisville Slugger factory tour, the stay at the bed & breakfast in an old, classic part of town, and Shakespeare in the Park (was it "Taming of the Shrew"?) That was a fun day.


Tony read the names of the horses to the kids and we all picked one (just by the names)

Me- I want revenge
Mary- Pioneer of the Nile
Anthony- Join in the Dance (which he then proceeded to dance every time we said the name)
Amelia- Chocolate Candy (what do you expect from a three year old?)

Enjoy your mint julips!


There are Friesian (Friesan) horses. They are beautiful, strong creatures, but certainly not up for running with Thoroughbreds. Martha Stewart has quite a few, I think. They are a smaller draft horse breed originating from the northern Dutch province of Friesland.

I just wanted a horse that loved to run to win. If it's in their heart, then I'm happy.

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