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May 29, 2009



What a fun trip! Looks like you got some amazing photos. Thanks for sharing! I thought of you & Beth yesterday. My dad's in Indiana with his unit before they go overseas and we were trying to figure out where on the map he is and I thought of you two as I was looking over the map.
Hope you two have a great weekend!

Carol M.

I've been there and it is indeed a beautiful place. Going alone is cool because you can just stop anywhere "you" want for as long as you want. Great photos Susan!!


What beautiful shots! And a beautiful place! Have been itching to do a roadtrip lately but I am carless in NYC. I am relatively new to your blog. I grew up in the middle of Meijerland (GR)so I'm glad you linked your Meijer Quest...except now I have an old jingle buzzing in my head "Meijer Markets & Thrifty Acres...Meijer Markets & Thrifty Acres...!


Dad and I think your collage is very beautiful! We love road trips, too. Wish the price of gas wasn't so high!

Amy Kline

These pictures are just beautiful Susan!

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