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June 22, 2009


Melissa Salomon

Hi Susan! I have some antique postcards that I would love to send you
Email me your mailing address at [email protected].
Blessings on your day. Pray for me. Going to Portland tomorrow for the national LWML convention and leading a program for ethnic women leaders.


How interesting that Melissa Salomon is not only going to Portland but taking part as a leader at the convention. When you send her your street address, be sure to tell her of our family LWML connections.


thanks for the shout out!

I love your collection... especially the one that says "Be nice to the poor freshmen!" That's hilarious! I am a big fan of collecting things that are utilitarian rather than decorative (I'd rather not dust 10,000 little knick-knacks or figurines, thankyouverymuch!) and that show a slice of real life. Much like your postcard collection! So for me it's books (that I actually read), patterns (that I actually sew), and buttons (that I actually use).

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