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June 12, 2009



Cranky children, baby weight, and sleep deprivation.


Everything hiding my six-pack and hourglass figure. I know it's in there somewhere! I've seen it! Honest!


Your wand is so pretty!!!! I may have to make one for my little Hannah.

I have only been to Dear Lizzie once, but I still think about all of the things I wanted to buy there. Its a fun store for sure!

I can't think of what I would want to disappear from my life, but I would use the wand to clean my house!

Jan C.

I would want anxiety to disappear from my life. And all the excuses I make for not doing and being more. Do you think if I made a cool magic wand like yours (which is fabbo, btw), it would work?


Why do I have a feeling yours is probably cute than the one you saw at the store? :)

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