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June 20, 2009



Aww, this is so nice. I think you got a pretty good Dad and you are a lot like him. The "over bite" comment is hilarious It is kind of hard sometimes to have two people who are so dear to my heart be so detailed-oriented. He writes down L=lose and W=won on the calendar for every game the Tigers play. Then he tells me that on Saturday they have won 9 games and lost 2. On Sundays they are 8 and 2 and so on for each day of the week. This is only ONE of his maddening habits...but that is why I fell in love with him, so long ago.


Your 'Poppy' thinks that this is a very nice tribute and I am much appreciative of your words and your love. I am looking forward to the time you will be here in Michigan and we will enjoy Andrew's wedding and the ball game together. Love, Dad

Jan C.

My dad passed away quite a few years ago, but he was pretty special to me. Three things stand out in my memory: (1) He worked hard to take care of his family, even though I think the career he ended up in may not have been his first choice, (2) He had a goofy, fun sense of humor, and (3) He was great at home DIY stuff, but he tended to whack himself on the thumb or some small thing pretty often. At those times, he would exclaim "son of a BUCK!," "Son of a GUN!" or "Son of a BISCUIT!" loudly from his basement workshop. He didn't want to use bad words in front of his kids!


My dad is the best because he taught me to fearless. He took me on so many adventures and was always wanting us to have new and different experiences. He is also a hero serving in the Viet Nam war.

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