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June 01, 2009



I'm headed to the one on SR 37 this afternoon . . . just a mile from my home! I will think of you while I am getting my weekly groceries today!


Ashley Newell

This is such a funny, but fascinating story! I've only been to Meijers in Indianapolis (where most of my family lives) and one in Merrillville, IN. I have never paid close attention to the store as I would only run in with my aunt to pick up a few quick items. Next time, I will take a better assessment of the store. In Northern Virginia, we recently starting getting Wegmans and it's my favorite grocery store!

cindy tobey

Your post really took me back. I remember Superman ice cream cones and riding Sandy the horse as my childhood highlights of trips to Meijer. :) You know I share your love of Meijer Susan...but wow! You visited them all?! Oh, and I wonder how many new ones have gone up since your quest. :) My latest favorite is the one in Gainsville Township in the G.R. area.


I remember, and I know you do too, the time we were telling Mrs. G. about your Meijer adventure and how you had visited EVERY Meijer store in existence at that time. Then she questioned, "Have you been to the one in Muskeegon?" Didn't we just say EVERY Meijer store. HaHaHa!
Should I send this post to Arlis?


I had never heard of Meijer before reading your blog, I will have to plan a visit to one if I ever go out East.

Where do you grocery shop here? The only 'nice' store we have found is Harmon's, but its pretty expensive.


I've never been to Meijer, but if you're in the DC area (or elsewhere along the East Coast), you must check out Wegmans. I simply adore that place.


Ha, ha, ha! The one closest to me is full of sweatpant with flannel wearing, mullet sporting mouth breathers. We avoid it at all costs.


This blog bost brought back so many memories for me! I used to work in Properties at Meijer (at the corporate office) for 8 years before moving to Columbus, Ohio 1.5 years ago. I remodeled stores and implemented the new things that went into the stores all year long as a construction manager.

The store that has the yogurt across from the shoes??? Store #11. We used to call it Dirty Meijer. hahaha we had remodeled it since then and there is a rumor it will become a new store very soon.

I visited a lot of Meijer stores in my job there, I can't say I've been to all of them though. You deserve a What would Fred do bracelet or something (Fred Meijer is the owner). And Yes, the buyers that buy the merchandise at the home office really do have those bracelets.

My girls love riding the Sandy Pony (would you believe that a guy refurbishes Sandy Pony's for a living?). That's all he does is fix and paint the pony's at Meijer. Crazy eh?

I grew up in Saginaw as well and moved to Grand Rapids after college so that's weird that you mentioned those same two towns. My dad and grandma have gone grocery shopping EVERY sunday from 11am-1pm for the last 22 years rain or shine to the store on Gratiot Rd. in Saginaw.

Thanks for the nostalgia boost. You can never forget the smell of the bottle return room, the sticking of your shoes to the syrup on the floor, the bleep bleep bleep noise of the cash registers ringing, the carpet at some of them in the fashions departments that actually give you static cling when pushing a cart across them, and the funny old signage you see when walking into the ones built in the early nineties!

Judy in Huntsville [al]

been to one in kentucky somewhere - and LOVED it so much we went back a couple of times before we left....


we had one in McHenry, Illinois, LOVED it!
I miss our Jewel/Osco too :)
hugs & ♥~

Amy Kline

I love Meijer too although I must admit that when we lived in Michigan I didn't love Meijer's at first. I missed the little mom and pop type stores of my youth. However, in time I have come to appreciate the ability to buy a screwdriver and eggs, all in the same trip.

Brandy J.

I need to plan a trip to one of these grocery stores!


Woot, Meijer! But I must second the shout-out to Wegmans. I guess I am just destined to live only in areas with great grocery stores.


Susan - do they have Super Walmart in Utah? Same store - different name. Love that you can buy everything at one store in one trip. But I do find myself spending more than I originally planned.


I'm lost in New England without the Thrifty Acres of my youth. I make a point to visit one every time I visit my family in Michigan and can't wait until my son is old enough to ride Sandy. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Also glad that you were able to make it to every single store. A good friend of mine had a blast on a similar quest to visit every Wegman's.

Kim Kesti

Um, better not mention Wal Mart to Susan, Micha. Eeek. In any case, I'm feeling kind of sad that I've never been to a Meijer. Must put that on my bucket list. LOL! Love you, Sus!


We have a new one here in Marion, Indiana - Grant County - a green store - nice but I am disappointed it wasn't a larger store like the one in Muncie, Indiana.

Actually I have been applying for jobs at the new store.

For the most part it has groceries, a pharmacy, and just a small clothing section. Huge nice parking lot. Also a gas station and little store with that.

I find great deals there on groceries - but wish it had been built as a bigger store.

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