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June 04, 2009



I like the pictures of hotel setting at Opryland. It looks luxurious. I also like how you took pictures of the lady scrappers hard at work with their home of origin tagged. That really shows a lot of diversity in scrap booking. The pictures of Florida are interesting, too. Scott is a really big man...he looks like he could be an umpire!

andy roets

i LOVE the opryland hotel! its so grand inside! normally i REALLY dont condone room service solely because theres such amazing places to eat elsewhere, and its rather expensive, alas..with THAT view!?! i dont blame you!

also, whenever i read your guys' posts, i tend to look at the pictures first, and THEN read, and this time i was like IVE BEEN THERE! WHERE IS THAT!?!?! lol youre really lucky that CKS lets you stay at such amazing places! whenever my mom goes on business trips she gets....decent...accommodations, never GRAND ones!

hope you had fun! (which i can assume you did through those pictures!) and good job getting the asaparagus....healthy and tasty :)

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