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July 03, 2009



I sent information and the web address to Shirley Roberts and suggested she might like to use this to publicize Bay City.


Bay City also has a vintage ball team called the Independents. These men play the game of baseball like it used to be played in the 1860's without fences, without gloves, in funny looking wool uniforms and no umpire calls balls or strikes.. Their games are at Carroll Park on Sundays during the summer months. The games are free. See details at

Sue Fields

awesome pics!! I've been to Bay City...a long time ago but I've visited. Wish I would have known about the awesome fireworks back then, LOL.

Jessica Witty

Ok, Susan... I assume you are both from Bay City...? That is my Dad's hometown. I've spent many 4ths there and I agree that they are the best fireworks!

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