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August 25, 2009



Cute pictures of cute kids. You look like you are about the same age in both pictures. People are always surprised to see these pictures which show the big age difference between our girls.

The snow has all melted so...Don't go to Paris or to Rome...come home!


Beth, please tell me you kept those sunglasses. If you did, may I please borrow them b/c they are seriously too cool. :) I want 'em.

Jan C.

Oh no, that is not you and Beth in that first photo. You little carrot top, you! Love the white knee socks on Beth--she would fit right into the Brady Bunch in that outfit.

Cigar Reviews

Aww.. this was too sweet. I started singing the song and thinking about what my pictures would look like. Thanks for this beautiful picture.. even if it's in my head. :)

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