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August 12, 2009


Jen Barkdull

Oh my gosh! I LOVE those Chinese Laundry shoes!!! I have a real weakness for shoes. If you want to find some fun shoes in fun, bright colors you ought to try Rue 21. :)


I have too many black shoes. I've finally started branching out, both in styles and in colors.

I don't have any orange shoes, but I have a red pair and a yellow pair. Maybe if I wore one on each foot?


For shoes I seem to gravitate toward brown. Boring color I know, but I can wear them with almost everything. Now clothes I tend to gravitate toward blue, light green, brown and pink.

Kalyn Kepner

Purple is definitely my fave color, but I've been very into gold shoes lately. And gold jewelry...hmm. I <3 those pointy shoes!


I love the choice for the shox. Win women wear shox, it's a win win situation. Definitely would like to see your feet in them.

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