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August 08, 2009



Awww...I love this post and ....we have had a wonderful marriage. God is so good to help us find each other in the first place. He has also blessed us with four children of which we are so proud. Last year we were all together for the big event! This year won't be quite the same, but we know you are thinking of us and sending your wishes our way. We got the top of our wedding cake from last year out of the freezer, and it tastes great. You would never know it was a year old. Tomorrow, after church, we are going to take a day-trip and it looks like the destination is Tawas City. Hope it doesn't rain, but if it does, that's ok too.

Jan C.

I remember last year's post about the big celebration!

Your folks really have been blessed. I hope they have many more years together. And I sure hope my husband and I have as many great years as the Opels--we're halfway there.

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