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August 14, 2009



Love your page and your memories. I miss the woods and the lakes of Michigan but we did have fireflies!


I have never seen a firefly, nor have I ever been to Meijer. I don't love Utah and will be happy to move when the time comes (as long as we stay in the Northwest).

Let me know if you girls are still interested in coming up sometime, Jon is pretty much available anytime you like.


I will always be a Midwestern girl, and miss many of the aforementioned.
I also miss BEEF. and farm fresh veggies. and good pizza. and mom & pop Greek family restaurants. and my friends. and my family. and the good ol' Midwestern values with which I was raised.

{L♥VE your LO, by the way!}

happy weekend!!

emily pitts

we lived in minnesota for 6.5 years and i totally miss it. i remember going to chicago last summer for cha and almost freaking out at seeing fireflies again, those are the most beautiful of things! we now live in colorado, which is flat like the midwest, but not nearly as green and rolling hills. thanks for this post, it made me think!


Excellent, compeling piece. Come home, Susan and bring your sister.

Jan C.

They don't have fireflies in Utah?!!!! I never knew that. That's tragic.

What about firemen's festivals? Do they have those in Utah? Poultry Days? Pork Days? Strawberry festivals? What about sauerkraut--bet they don't have a sauerkraut festival like they do in the Midwest. And I KNOW they don't have BBJ.

Yep, I can see why you are looking forward to a visit. I'm sure SLC is beautiful and the people are incredibly nice, but still!


I hadn't realized how polite midwesterners are until my travels this summer!

Carla Tarrou

Growing up as a hoosier girl I remember catching fireflys in jars just after the sun went down. Playing in the cornfields and riding in the wagon as the corn was picked. Then watching the corn as it was being loaded into the corn crib. Ahh, to remember the good ole days. Love your LO and your hat. I have one very much like it(Panama Jack I believe) which I added turquoise beads to.


I couldn't have said it better myself!

Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos

I am a Michigan girl born and raised but now reside in San Diego CA and you could not have said it better. I miss all the same things!

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