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September 03, 2009


Tina Albertson

Whhhhhooooooaaaaaa MOMMA!!! No wonder she scoffs at look BEAUTIFUL Beth!!!!! Happy happy birthday!

Paul Opel

Dang right you do. We Opels do age well, don't we?

See ya in a few hours, Miss Thang.


Wow! I wonder if I would loook that greattttt when Im 50.


Happy birthday, Beth!! :) Enjoy your day!

Jan C.

Lookin' good, girl! Happy birthday.

M Dillenburg

Hey, Happy Birthday, Beth! You're looking great!(I need some tips.)
Can't believe you're 50. Whatever you're doing keep it up.
God bless your day, and your year,
Your turning 50, same birthday month sister.


Happy Birthday! You look fab!


let's be real here. SHe looks no where NEAR 50! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH!!!!!
you're unebelievable!
I hope its the greatest!

Jen Barkdull

Happy Birthday! You do NOT look 50! Wow!

Sara Rossi

Have a FANTASTIC birthday Beth!! You are ROCKIN' that dress!!


Happy Birthday Beth! Whatever you're doing, keep on doing, it works. You look great.


Happy Birthday you hottie!!


Fifty schmifty--you're awesome, inside and out. Happy birthday, Bethie, you're still an inspiration. :) LOVE you.


Seriously? No way. Beth you look no where near 50. Happy Birthday!


SHUT UP! After knowing you all these years, I had NO idea you were anywhere NEAR 50!! Girlfriend - I seriously thought you were maybe 5 to 7 years older than I am, making you MAYBE 40. Seriously - you look rocking! You give me hope. :) Love ya. Hope you had a great day!


Happy birthday to the fabulous, fashionista, fancy, fun, fantastic BETH!!!

Shaun Paddock

If this is what 50 looks like, sign me up! Happy Birthday!

Cathy P.

are you kidding! she looks like she's in her 30s!!!!

happy birthday!


Happy Birthday a little late, Beth! You look marvelous!!!!

Happy Birthday Beth. I met Beth when we both attended Concordia College in Ann Arbor, 1979 I think. So after 30 years I have to say WOW, you must have found the fountain of youth!


Age is just a number! You are fabulous, and you look so fantastic!
Hope you had a great birthday friend!

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