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January 04, 2010



Phew! that was a long read, but I enjoyed every word of it! What an amazing job of compiling the last 10 years into one blog. You really had some awesome times and I feel blessed that I was part of it with you. You are fantastic daughters and very loved by your parents and family.

Jen Barkdull

What an amazing compilation of the past decade! (Still have a hard time believing a whole decade has gone by! It sure went quickly!)

Amy Lemke

Loved it!!


This is really amazing, and must have been so fun to compile!

Loretta Artful Yogi

I really like your Breakfast at Beth's layout in CK. Where do you post your layouts?
Loretta, Artful yogi

Loretta Artful Yogi

Oops. I just notied the link to your layouts on the left .


Will there ever be a new blog posted?


I loved seeing all this and I was thinking....oh I should be more motivated and do this, but nothing could top all the glorious colour and achievements girls rock!

Huge hugs

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