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February 11, 2010


Susan, you included my ugly mug? Oh and the suitcase I stole? Guess what, I bought the small suitcase today......he he he.....look at what you started! Now I have a matching set. Aren't I styling? Seriously though, it was great meeting you in person!

These picture make me look forward to spring! It will be 30 degrees again tonight here in Orlando and I am headed to Virginia next week..brrrrr......

Kelly Marie

Love this entry!! I can't wait for Chicago, either! It was so wonderful to meet you in person!


Of course Susan would like the red bling-covered shoe! (It would be even better in ORANGE, huh?!)


Okay, you were AWESOME at the photo-taking thing. I am so bad at remembering to pull out my camera. Fun pics!


I so love that ring in that bottom photo of you! So many people! Whew so exciting.
Tell me when you do CKC here again. It's in March right? I want to write down that Saturday date so we can get together. Let's plan on painting the town! I'll come and get you and we can eat and shop, or just hang, or whatever.

Sara Rossi

You got some GREAT pics Susan!! Looks like you had so much fun!! TFS!

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