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February 25, 2010


Evana Willis

Hey girls. Must have an old email address for you and my emails are bouncing..
can you email me....I have a favour to ask
[email protected]

Debra Reeder

I like them all...these are awesome ideas...thanks for sharing!

Kelly Marie

So cute! Loving the bottom left hand corner one! :)

Sara Rossi

Such CUTENESS!! Love the simpleness of them & hope to try this with some scraps! The pink one in the botton row catches my eye!! Have a safe trip & a GREAT time!!

Diana N.

I thoroughly enjoyed the card swap class. I'm especially proud of the autographed, hand crafted card I now own made by the editor of Papaer Crafts magazine! While I liked last year's card swap class, this one was much less stressful and I felt more successful completing (or almost)on site!

Sharon Gullikson

Bottom row far left is my fave. Like the colors and pattern.

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