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February 08, 2010


noel culbertson

you guys are the cutest! i never know what i'm wearing until i throw it on! :)


I like the red vest with the pink trim. Very Valentiny! Remember when we had green jello for St. Pat's Day, pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and red hot heart candy on our vanilla pudding on VD? Cherry cobbler for Washington's birthday? And the Pilgrims sitting here and there for Thanksgiving? You should see my snow men and snow flake display right now. I asked the grandsons to count the snow men and they came up with 19. Then I showed them the tablecloth covered with groups of three snowman and they said exasperated....Grandma!

Kelly Marie

Oh my goodness! Please come and dress me! This is so cool! I don't think I have ever thought ahead to what I might wear which is what probably leads to some of my bizarre color choices in outfits! haha!

Sara Rossi

I love how you ladies dress for the season!! I make sure my girls have the right clothes for the seasons too (and make sure I'm color appropriate too!). And seriously having someone pick out your clothes & look fabulous--it's a girls dream!! You ladies are so FUN & lucky to have each other!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Gabriella Biancofiore

Do red pajamas I'll probably never get a chance to get out of count? :). Gosh, I wish I were kidding...

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