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March 22, 2010



omg! Sad day! I lovelove reading! ALthough we DO post silly comments back and forth on facebook, it was nice to peek into your lives and you were always good at commemorating those holidays that I wasn't! Well It's great that you can prioritize and realize that putting time into things more important is better for you, but I'm sad to see it go!


Maybe keep the blog and turn it private, so no one can see it, so if you ever want it back it is there :)

Kathleen R

So sad to hear this news! My favorite that you did was the 2000's post. You inspired me to blog, although my blog is more about what I make, more like an art gallery.

I like the blog because you can type more (as opposed to making a FB entry and then commenting on yourself like 5 times!) LOL You tell us the whole story here... and you add pictures.


I'll miss the colored text posts, but can understand the decision. I hope you publish your blog into a bound book so you'll both have a tangible memory of all of these important moments in your lives.


I had a feeling the blog was getting to be a burden rather than fun. Facebook has changed things and change can be good and bad. I like the idea of putting the blogs into a bound book as a memory of all those happy and sad times in your life. Love you loads....


Wow, Susan. You were right yesterday--epic, indeed. :) While I know it's sad, I know you two are doing what makes you happy and alleviating (unnecessary) stress by stopping the blog.


I'll miss you, but like you said...facebook is awesome, and more interactive, which I LOVE. I feel like I can really get to know people. Still sad to see you guys go, though.


Sorry to hear you are giving up the blog. I have no interest in Facebook so I will miss hearing about your lives. The Meijer Quest was my favorite too. Very best wishes.

Amy S.

Aww!! Sorry to see you both go, but Facebook is so instantaneous that it is hard not to use it often! I have loved all of your posts that have chronicled your move west!

Jan c.

I am feeling the same way about my blog! I have posted only once since 2010 began, and I'm not missing it much.

You can make an excellent bound paperback of your blog via I tried it with my 2009 entries, but have not done the other 2 years of my blog yet. Basically, their software does almost all the work of importing your blog and turning it into a book. It keeps your photos in your posts as well, although it places them in the outer margin of the page, where your sidebar widgets would ordinarily have shown up. All you do is make a few basic choices for the internal layout, choose your cover photo or photos, and voila! It is good to wait for a coupon of some sort, as the price can be steep. I think one year of my blog was about $50 to put into a book, but I loved the result. And now, when I do decide to delete my blog account, I will still have all my writings to look back on anytime I wish.

Nicole Croy

Oh my - could this be true? Well, at least I'll see you all over Facebook! Glad to hear that you're ending the blog before it became too much of a chore!

Sara Rossi

While I'm shocked I can't say I blame you ladies. I've had the urge to stop blogging since going on Facebook too but hesitate since I don't share the "scrapbook" side of me on Facebook. I will miss reading your blog but I'm happy to be able to keep up with your wonderful ladies on FB!!

Kelly Marie

I will miss your blog but am so glad I can see what fun things you are up to on facebook!

Sara Sampson

I surely do understand your decision but I will miss checking in on the Opal Sisters. I'll miss all the news of your Mom and Dad. I'll miss seeing pics of your cute nephews. I'll miss hearing about what's going on at work. I'll miss your fun road trips. I'll miss your holiday decorating. I'll miss your sports updates. I'll miss your fashion posts. Thanks for all you shared over the years. It was a good run.


It sounds like you are making a smart choice if something that was once fun is now a bit of a chore. I was blown away by the recent posts you did that detailed so much of your lives over the years -- I couldn't begin to put together such a chronology. I felt like it really showed the tangible worth of scrapbooking.


Thanks for sharing your lives these years.
I had lots of things I enjoyed reading, but I think my favourites were the Meijer quest and the house organisational stuff.
I will miss reading and good luck.


I understand COMPLETELY. And I for one, love reading your posts on FB! ;) I wish you both much more freedom in your daily lives!! :)


I'll be so sad to see you go; I've enjoyed all of your blog posts. But I understand the need to move on and focus your energy on things that bring you positive energy in return. Best of luck in all your ventures!!! I will be joining you on FB! :-)

Lori in Westerville, OH


I will miss your blog as well. I do not remember how I stumbled upon it, but I have enjoyed reading it faithfully. Hopefully, I will see you in Facebook.


Just be sure to Blurb your blog into a book. Go to and it slurps it up into book form, you can edit it, then they print it and send it to you... and there you have your history.

I will miss this because I WILL NOT JOIN FACEBOOK!!! BUT we can still email and that will be fine I guess!

Let's solidify plans for when you come out Susan. Do you want me to call you?


Lisette Gibbons

Thanks for dropping by my blog, I guess I don't need to visit yours again since you decided to stop.

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