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March 01, 2010


Emily S

I commented on facebook, but I'll say again - LOVES!!!! Totally scrapbook worthy. I need to decide if I wanna make this baseball-only, or sports in general.

TO DO: Visit every major league ballpark, see a spring training game (still haven't ever, and for that i hang my head in shame!), go to a World Series game,

I also need to compile the things i HAVE done/seen. See a no-hitter, See a 300-game winner get his 300th, win a fantasy baseball league, etc

I think you have given me a project :)

Sara Sampson

I do like a good list. Wish I made more of them.
Don't forget the 2012 Super Bowl will be in Indy.
That might be a good time to attend, just not to sure about that Lions / Colts thing.


Currently, my bucket list includes visits to all the Major League baseball parks. I love baseball!
Enjoy the spring training game and say hi to Curtis Granderson!

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