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My Meijer Quest

My Meijer Quest

Textures cardstock: Prism
Brads: unknown
Ribbon: SEI Sporty
Photo Corners: Daisy D’s
Computer fonts: Gill Sans MT, Harting, and Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed

Ya know how there are those crazy guys who vow to visit all of the major league baseball parks before they die? I can totally relate! On New Year’s Eve of 2000, I made a similar vow – I intended to shop at every Meijer grocery store in the nation. And I did… all 157 of them…in five states…all in one year!

Here’s the deal…Mom took me to Meijer as a kid and schooled me in the ways of good deals and triple coupons. As I grew older, I came to appreciate the low prices and the convenience of filling my cart with everything from taco shells to toys and toilet seats. I lived away from “Meijerland” for a few years and was surprised to find out that there were entire time zones that knew nothing about Meijer! Upon my return to the Midwest, my heart pounded at the sight of Meijer – I was truly home again.

What started as random visits on road trips became full-blown Meijer adventures, and as luck would have it, Fort Wayne was centrally located. One Saturday morning I headed for Columbus, OH, with map in hand, and visited fifteen Meijers before returning home that day. Another time I made a pilgrimage with my sister to Grand Rapids, MI, the birthplace of Meijer. My parents went with me, my friends, and even a busload of my 8th graders and their parents joined me in my quest on the way to Washington, DC! Friends and family were amused and incredulous when they heard my stories, but in the end they were all rooting for me.

Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky – no Meijer went unvisited, and by Thanksgiving Day of 2001, I had reached the end of my quest. It was sad to see the whole thing come to an end. I loved the travel and the excitement of spotting another Meijer sign on the horizon. But, oh the conversation starter I have now!

So God bless the guys who visit all of the major league ballparks – I fully understand. And by the way, now that my quest is done, I’m free to see some baseball games!